I joined an Animal Care course and Doncaster College. I got on it at 14 because they were allowing home educated kids on the courses that have an entry level, even though its supposed to be 16+. Just did my first week, and it's even better than I thought, apart front the couple of mild panic attacks when I got lost, it was great, especially Friday, when I got to go into the Animal unit itself and got told to feed the fish, snails, and other aquatic stuff.

I was surprised that we were just thrown into it, it wasn't hard or anything, just surprising that they trusted us enough. I'm not complaining though, it was great. 3 Of the tanks i needed to put food in wanted locusts, live, and they were really fun to catch. A few got out as well, so we had to catch them. The White Tree Frog I fed had a couple survivors, so we picked them out and just put them back with their friends, although they probably need therapy.

Towards the end I got a mouse out, he was just like a baby rat, ad…


Yesterday we went back to the Rose theatre like last year where we went to see A mid summer nights dream, this time to see Hamlet. Even tho this one was a spoopy one, I actually preferred the one we went to last year.

I found Hamlet himself really annoying, but everyone else was alight, except the queen, shes just plain stupid, spoiler alert, Husband dies, what do she do? Marry his brother/my brother in law! Get revealed that the new king poisoned the old one, what does she do? Nothing, still stuck-up, still useless. Then decides to drink the drink offered to Hamlet, by the king. First off, rude. Second, the King, who was exposed by Hamlet, offers said drink to Hamlet. HMmMmMmM, yeah perfectly safe, lets take a swig. Oh whoops I'm dead now haha silly me. I dont like the queen.
My favourite character was probably Athena, Athene, Ath-something. She goes nuts after Hamlet kills her dad and its pretty fun to watch, and her ghost scene is quite eerie. Her brother is also pretty good, a…

A Few Places That We've Been To In The Last Few Weeks

We've been to 3 places using the national trust card over the last few weeks. One of them being somewhere we've been driving past and wanting to go to for a long time, Mr, Straws house. The others being castles.

Mr. Straws House.

Built in 1905 and remained mainly untouched since the 1920s, its been repainted in places and some protective measure have been put in place, but in the main part of the house its basically the same. The owners had a very wartime attitude of make do and mend, so even before the last owner died in 1990, its was still basically exactly the same than before, with very little in the way of modernisation. Except a boiler I suppose. I wasnt all that interested, but one thing that was pretty amusing, was on the bed in Mr straws room, the bed sheets hadnt been changed since he died, and there was a grimy semi circle at the foot of the bed at the edge where he used to sit, a bit gross, but eh.
The house itself wasn't what I was expecting at all, its a lot …

Stainsbury Mill

The other day we went to place in Darbyshire called Staisbury Mill. Its an old 19th century flour mill originally made somewhere in the 13th century, but was modernised around 1840, and then again a little bit (re floored n stuff) in the 1990s. And that's about as much history I want to write.

It was alright, not really a massive amount to see, but i think we were there just long enough to see every thing without being bored, and it was pretty nice to see it mill actually, well, milling. We even decided to buy some flour, which wasn't even as ridiculously overpriced as it could've been, which i made some Banana Bread with, I've done a blog post on Create Make Bake with the recipe if you wanna look, up to you. It was pretty good to be fair, and we wern't out too long which means I could retreat to my lair, I mean room, before they forced me to go anywhere else.

Shakespeare's Pop-up Rose Theatre

Yesterday we went to York, yet again. This time it was for something a bit more special than looking around a few museums. This time it was to go and see a theatre play called A Midsummer's Night Dream. There was a absolutely horrible film made a year or so ago called Strange Magic which is a take on A Midsummer's Night Dream but it's really bad, I cant think of a film that I hate more. Anyway, this is a pop-up theatre made to be like the Rose theatre that was built in 1587, 12 years before the Globe. The building itself was quite impressive, even if it was a pain to get to our seats.

The play itself was.... interesting... there were parts that I find very hard to believe that Shakespeare wrote and other parts that wouldn't have been funny if it wasn't in old English. It started off pretty rubbish but it got better when the fairies came in, they weren't your normal prancey dancey fairies, at first I was confused and sat there like........ What? But after a whil…

Balloon Experiment

About a week or so ago The Things came round for another experiment thing, this time we blew stuff up, ... not really but it would have been better if we did. Anyway I set up by far the best thing, it was a bottle of vinegar and a balloon with a loads of Bicarbonate of soda and, Fooosh the balloon goes up, I wished it had of popped but alas, it did not..

Not a whole lot more happened after that, mainly just playing and/or messing about.

PH Science Experiment

Yesterday we set up a little experiment with Nikki, Luke and Emma. We were basically just testing to PH of some stuff around the house. It was pretty interesting to see how acidic some stuff was, for example, I mashed up a raspberry and it turned out to have a similar PH to lemon juice. We had some stuff to test Alkalinity, it seems that its mostly man-made stuff that is an alkaline. It went pretty well though, we had fun, if fun is trying to explain PH, acidity and alkalinity to a 7 year old.