Shakespeare's Pop-up Rose Theatre

Yesterday we went to York, yet again. This time it was for something a bit more special than looking around a few museums. This time it was to go and see a theatre play called A Midsummer's Night Dream. There was a absolutely horrible film made a year or so ago called Strange Magic which is a take on A Midsummer's Night Dream but it's really bad, I cant think of a film that I hate more. Anyway, this is a pop-up theatre made to be like the Rose theatre that was built in 1587, 12 years before the Globe. The building itself was quite impressive, even if it was a pain to get to our seats.

The play itself was.... interesting... there were parts that I find very hard to believe that Shakespeare wrote and other parts that wouldn't have been funny if it wasn't in old English. It started off pretty rubbish but it got better when the fairies came in, they weren't your normal prancey dancey fairies, at first I was confused and sat there like........ What? But after a while they became my favourite things, although the noises they made got annoying after a while everything else they did was pretty funny. They were 'invisible' to the hYoOmaNs so they were often on set along with them, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on because the fairies were doing random stuff in the background and occasionally messed with the people on set.

This is my Nan's post about the theatre 


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