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On Tuesday, 12th September, we went to a place called The DEEP on a home Education trip. I'd heard about it and I had a basic idea of what it was, but it wasn't much like I had imagined really, I thought it was a giant aquarium that you could walk through, all though there was a tunnel that did do that.

Me and my baby sister had a educational session booked in, her's was first and I had to sit through it... I did get a microscope to look at some shrimp with... that was fun... Okay moving on. There was an hour and 20 minutes between them and in that time we had lunch, that was nice... I was starving. Then it was mine, I think that they could've explained it better because it got difficult and I nearly give up but I got to draw on the table!! So overall mine was better.
Then we actually got to walk 'round the place and look at the exhibits, my favourite one was the jelly fish dome, the there was some amazing tanks, including one with a pair of Green Saw-fish, of whic…

Angel Wing

Angel wing is a syndrome that affects primarily male aquatic birds like ducks, geese, and swans. This causes the last joint in a birds wing (our equivalent to a wrist) to become twisted and the feathers to stick out. This is what we found in one of the signets on our lake during our walk.

This happens due to a high protein and carbohydrate diet that lacks vitamins E and D as well as manganese, the most well known culprit being white bread, according to some experts this is a common misconception, and is just due to to people feeding them. This causes them to not hunt for normal food as often because they know that they will get food anyway. Genetics are also to blame. This diet affects mainly younger, male birds that are still growing. If only 1 wing is affected it is normally the left one for unknown reasons, but either way the bird cannot fly. The only way to reverse the damage is to basically strap the affected wing the the bids side and place it on a nutritionally balanced diet, b…

Tour of Britain Stage 4


Tour of Britain!

Today a cycling event called Tour of Britain came through that village that I live in, Tour of Britan is the same as Tour De France but obviously is in England and Scotland. We don't really follow cycling so this wasn't like AMAZING but it wasn't something we would see everyday either. We've got quite a few pictures and some footage. Footage!