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Chester Zoo

A few days ago we went to Chester zoo, which is a pretty big and popular zoo here in the UK. Fun fact: According to Trip Adviser, Chester Zoo is rated 3# in the ENTIRE WORLD! It was alright, except for the fact wherever we went there were animals pooping, and there were school kids everywhere. Oh, and not forgetting the monkeys with haemorrhoids, or at least it looked like it. That was something that I could've lived without seeing...

SO, moving on from that. My favourite part was the bat cave, which my coward of a sister didn't go anywhere near. It was really cool, I mean, it smelled terrible but it looked really cool... 300 bats flying round your head and you're bound the get hit at some point, which I did. The parks there are really good as well, it's just a pity that we didn't get long on them. It was honestly pretty good, still debating whether or not it was worth getting up at 6 for. Here's a small collage of photos.