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Poolsbrook Park!

Yesterday me, Alicia, Nikki, Luke and my little sister Jess went to Poolsbrook Park. When we got there after about 35 mins of traveling I was surprised to see almost all the geese from in the lake near the play area and just waddled up to Alicia, she seemed to back off but they didn't attack or anything but oook.

 We played for a while, mainly on this spinning, upy downy thing! :) but we had to go as it was FREEZING! And what made it worse was the fat the there were METAL equipment, so, naturally, the metal was ALSO FREEZING so that made our hand even worse. :(

T-Shirt Printing With Wednesday Group

On Wednesday Me, Alicia, Luke, Nikki and my little sister Jess when to Wednesday group (a home ed group in Worksop, I don't like it there much) as that day a lady was coming to print on T-shirts. My grandad had stayed up till about 2am the previous night doing our stencils (mine was a hedgehog and jess's was an unicorn) but it was all worth it! It was ok for the 5 minutes it lasted then nanny realised something... I'd printed it on the BACK of my t-shirt :(

Not much else happened afterwards I'm never going there again if I can help it. :(


Savoy Cinema- - The Good Dinosaur!


Yesterday (Me, my little sister (who is now Home ED), Alicia, Luke, Nikki, my Nanny and their Mum) went to the savoy cinema in Worksop and watched 'The good dinosaur'.

It's about what it would be like if the asteroid, that killed the dinosaurs, missed earth. The dinosaurs then evolve and gain speech, the ability to farm and trap other animals.

The story starts off with 3 eggs (whose names I can't remember) hatching. So not much happens first, but then the 'Papa' dinosaur (which by the way looks like a species a Brachiosaurus) dies and the little dinosaur get washed away by a storm (which killed his dad) and goes on this weird adventure (with doesn't seem as childish as you think, Its rated PG for a reason;). I am NOT going to spoil the story so you can watch it yourself! :)

It think Its a good story (well animated too) with a few twists and turns, Id rate 8.9/10. Why drop the 1.1 mark? Cos in my personal opinion it a …

Dairy of a Minecraft Creeper- The Potion Brewer: A eBook Review!

WARNING!: Major spoilers alert!
First off, anyone who has played the game ‘Minecraft’ will know that creepers are a very hostile mob that are forever trying to kill you by blowing up in your face (and by doing so you lose all your stuff which can be REALLY annoying if you have been mining and have gathered resources to help you survive)!
But this story is about a creeper that is very lonely and only wants to make some friends but doesn’t succeed.
 He starts off by talking to another creeper that tells him about a ‘potion brewer’ (A witch) that may be able to help with his lack of friends. On the way he bumps into mobs (some of which are nice, others not so nice), the first one who he literally bumps into is a Skeleton with attitude, and lots of it. He then sees a Zombie who has forgotten something but then finds out when Creeper pulls him out of the sun as his arms had started to burn, he then remembers and it was to ‘Get out of the sun because he’s going to burn to a crisp!’. Creepe…


Well, my rats are doing fine except one bit me and my nanny. I don't blame that on the rat though, but I don't blame it on us either.

Anyway very soon I'm gonna get another rat, one that's been handled before, and see how I go with that one. :) I've named my current rats Yin & Yang cos when they sleep together that's what they look like! Hehe. I don't have favourites by the way. ;)

They're doing alright I've found Yin's (the white hooded one) favourite snack, Cheerios! Not sure on Yang though, he's the one who bit me and nanny. :( But they are still ADORABLE!!!!!

I can't easily get photos of them but I'll try!

An unusual Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had my fiends over, 2 the day before my birthday and the other one on it!

As well as getting my rats for my birthday (see previous posts) I got a remote control helicopter.

The evening before my birthday (03/02's my birthday) my twin friends (Molly & Bonnie) from school came over for a bit and we played and watched the 'Minion Movie' (a present from them). It was fun but they had to go within and couple of hours. :(

Now, when my home ED friend, Alicia, came over things got interesting. We played for a bit on my ps3 but then, when we came down, we went outside and fired a pistol, a crossbow and a bow!

The picture of me with the bow is underneath: VVV