An unusual Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had my fiends over, 2 the day before my birthday and the other one on it!

As well as getting my rats for my birthday (see previous posts) I got a remote control helicopter.

The evening before my birthday (03/02's my birthday) my twin friends (Molly & Bonnie) from school came over for a bit and we played and watched the 'Minion Movie' (a present from them). It was fun but they had to go within and couple of hours. :(

This is my cake!^^^ It was specially made for me. YAY! 

Now, when my home ED friend, Alicia, came over things got interesting. We played for a bit on my ps3 but then, when we came down, we went outside and fired a pistol, a crossbow and a bow!

The picture of me with the bow is underneath: VVV

The bow was alright but my favourite was the crossbow! 


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