Shakespeare's Pop-up Rose Theatre

Yesterday we went to York, yet again. This time it was for something a bit more special than looking around a few museums. This time it was to go and see a theatre play called A Midsummer's Night Dream. There was a absolutely horrible film made a year or so ago called Strange Magic which is a take on A Midsummer's Night Dream but it's really bad, I cant think of a film that I hate more. Anyway, this is a pop-up theatre made to be like the Rose theatre that was built in 1587, 12 years before the Globe. The building itself was quite impressive, even if it was a pain to get to our seats.

The play itself was.... interesting... there were parts that I find very hard to believe that Shakespeare wrote and other parts that wouldn't have been funny if it wasn't in old English. It started off pretty rubbish but it got better when the fairies came in, they weren't your normal prancey dancey fairies, at first I was confused and sat there like........ What? But after a whil…

Balloon Experiment

About a week or so ago The Things came round for another experiment thing, this time we blew stuff up, ... not really but it would have been better if we did. Anyway I set up by far the best thing, it was a bottle of vinegar and a balloon with a loads of Bicarbonate of soda and, Fooosh the balloon goes up, I wished it had of popped but alas, it did not..

Not a whole lot more happened after that, mainly just playing and/or messing about.

PH Science Experiment

Yesterday we set up a little experiment with Nikki, Luke and Emma. We were basically just testing to PH of some stuff around the house. It was pretty interesting to see how acidic some stuff was, for example, I mashed up a raspberry and it turned out to have a similar PH to lemon juice. We had some stuff to test Alkalinity, it seems that its mostly man-made stuff that is an alkaline. It went pretty well though, we had fun, if fun is trying to explain PH, acidity and alkalinity to a 7 year old.

R.I.P Barley

On June 12 I woke up to find little barley dead. This caught me off guard as she wasn't ill, the night before I swapped her and robin over into each others cage, which I do quite often. She was eating and drinking fine and was moving without a problem. But the more I think about it the more it made sense, she was, after all, over 2 1/2 years old, which is quite a long life span for a rat.

 I was extremely shook for the first couple hours but I calmed down quickly. I had to get rid of the weeds in the front bed in the garden so grandad could dig a hole (that's right, we don't put our pets in the bin), this led to me clearing to bed completely and planting some flowers, I've now done the same thing to the bed nest to it where Lemon was buried.

I am very glad she went how she did, as far I can tell she died of old age, the best way to go :) She's a lot luckier than the other 3 who didn't get to go as quickly. Now there is only Robin, he lives in barley's cage …

York Fairfax House

When you hear that you're going to York for a 'Behind the scenes' at a museum, you would think that you're going to the 'Backstage' of a museum and learning about how to did everything there. But that wasn't at all the case. Instead we were stuck in a room for an hour learning about writing from an Inanimate objects point of view, like 'The adventures of  a pincushion'... It's an exciting adventure about a pincushion!!! Yay!!

 As you can definitely tell, I was THRILLED to learn about a phase in the 18th century where people started writing about random objects, instead of learning about the Fairfax house. But don't worry, we DID get to go to the actual Fairfax house! Because it was arranged as a Home ed trip, we didn't have to pay to get into the house itself, this lead to a very rushed, not even complete, tour of the house. This didn't impress me as Fairfax house is one of the few preserved houses that I actually liked.

After that …


On Friday the 6th of April our Freda gave birth to 9 little puppies! She had the first at 10:54 and the last one 20:00. All together we've got 4 Boys and 5 Girls.

 After the 7th was born we thought that's was it, mainly because it was a whole 4 hours and nothing else had happened. I turned round and BOOM, one popped out. The next 5-10 minutes was chaos because we were just told that if anymore came they probably wouldn't survive, and also because he was in a awkward position so it was quite difficult to get a hold of him.

 About 45 minutes after that we saw contractions so at least I was prepared, this one popped out easily and for a second I wasn't sure if he was breathing, but luckily he was.

So far they're all looking good, cute and healthy. Even little Runty is fine. Someone is watching Freda 24/7 so we shouldn't lose any. I've been pooped on quite a few times and my slippers are covered in I don't know what. But its worth it :D.

Chester Zoo

A few days ago we went to Chester zoo, which is a pretty big and popular zoo here in the UK. Fun fact: According to Trip Adviser, Chester Zoo is rated 3# in the ENTIRE WORLD! It was alright, except for the fact wherever we went there were animals pooping, and there were school kids everywhere. Oh, and not forgetting the monkeys with haemorrhoids, or at least it looked like it. That was something that I could've lived without seeing...

SO, moving on from that. My favourite part was the bat cave, which my coward of a sister didn't go anywhere near. It was really cool, I mean, it smelled terrible but it looked really cool... 300 bats flying round your head and you're bound the get hit at some point, which I did. The parks there are really good as well, it's just a pity that we didn't get long on them. It was honestly pretty good, still debating whether or not it was worth getting up at 6 for. Here's a small collage of photos.