On Friday the 6th of April our Freda gave birth to 9 little puppies! She had the first at 10:54 and the last one 20:00. All together we've got 4 Boys and 5 Girls.

 After the 7th was born we thought that's was it, mainly because it was a whole 4 hours and nothing else had happened. I turned round and BOOM, one popped out. The next 5-10 minutes was chaos because we were just told that if anymore came they probably wouldn't survive, and also because he was in a awkward position so it was quite difficult to get a hold of him.

 About 45 minutes after that we saw contractions so at least I was prepared, this one popped out easily and for a second I wasn't sure if he was breathing, but luckily he was.

So far they're all looking good, cute and healthy. Even little Runty is fine. Someone is watching Freda 24/7 so we shouldn't lose any. I've been pooped on quite a few times and my slippers are covered in I don't know what. But its worth it :D.

Chester Zoo

A few days ago we went to Chester zoo, which is a pretty big and popular zoo here in the UK. Fun fact: According to Trip Adviser, Chester Zoo is rated 3# in the ENTIRE WORLD! It was alright, except for the fact wherever we went there were animals pooping, and there were school kids everywhere. Oh, and not forgetting the monkeys with haemorrhoids, or at least it looked like it. That was something that I could've lived without seeing...

SO, moving on from that. My favourite part was the bat cave, which my coward of a sister didn't go anywhere near. It was really cool, I mean, it smelled terrible but it looked really cool... 300 bats flying round your head and you're bound the get hit at some point, which I did. The parks there are really good as well, it's just a pity that we didn't get long on them. It was honestly pretty good, still debating whether or not it was worth getting up at 6 for. Here's a small collage of photos.

R.I.P Lemon

2 Days ago I had to put down Lemon, my third Rat to die. A week or so prior she had fallen ill, and we knew it was only a matter of time. For the her last week she got better and as even eating and drinking on her own.

 But then, on Friday, she went from the best she had been in a while to the worst, in a matter of a few hours. I hoped it was just an episode so I put off taking her to the vets, until the following day where she was worse, way way worse. But the vets had already closed so I couldn't do anything until Monday. Nothing much happend on the Saturday, I lay in bed with her all day. She was only just able to move, basically dragging herself. On Sunday I made the decision to put her down the next day, she had a violent seizure which was horrible to watch, and since then she made bad twitching movements. I had really hoped she died over night, but she chose to carry on fighting. That makes it sound cruel of me to put her down while she is still fighting. But we all knew, i…

3 Museums in York (And I'm Now The Queen of Pigeons)

Yesterday I had to get up way too early to go to York. 07:00-08:15 We get up, get dressed, get out. A 35 minute drive later we get to the train station, where we wait for 10 minutes trying to figure out where our train is. We finally get in York and then we wonder around a park feeding squirrels by hand with some monkey nuts that a lady gave us, (I ended up eating to rest of the monkey nuts).

We go to our first museum, Yorkshire museum, wasn't overly interesting (wasn't at all interesting) so... moving on. York Castle museum was a bit better, If it wasn't for the 55 steps leading up to the the actual castle and then realising we can't get in without a pass it may have actually been a nice experience. We took a break and went back to the park to feed more squirrels... It was then that I was crowned Queen of The Pigeons.

 Yeah... that was fun, we had to go wash our hands though. Last and definitely least, York railway museum. It was our third time there so I got pretty b…


On Tuesday, 12th September, we went to a place called The DEEP on a home Education trip. I'd heard about it and I had a basic idea of what it was, but it wasn't much like I had imagined really, I thought it was a giant aquarium that you could walk through, all though there was a tunnel that did do that.

Me and my baby sister had a educational session booked in, her's was first and I had to sit through it... I did get a microscope to look at some shrimp with... that was fun... Okay moving on. There was an hour and 20 minutes between them and in that time we had lunch, that was nice... I was starving. Then it was mine, I think that they could've explained it better because it got difficult and I nearly give up but I got to draw on the table!! So overall mine was better.
Then we actually got to walk 'round the place and look at the exhibits, my favourite one was the jelly fish dome, the there was some amazing tanks, including one with a pair of Green Saw-fish, of whic…

Angel Wing

Angel wing is a syndrome that affects primarily male aquatic birds like ducks, geese, and swans. This causes the last joint in a birds wing (our equivalent to a wrist) to become twisted and the feathers to stick out. This is what we found in one of the signets on our lake during our walk.

This happens due to a high protein and carbohydrate diet that lacks vitamins E and D as well as manganese, the most well known culprit being white bread, according to some experts this is a common misconception, and is just due to to people feeding them. This causes them to not hunt for normal food as often because they know that they will get food anyway. Genetics are also to blame. This diet affects mainly younger, male birds that are still growing. If only 1 wing is affected it is normally the left one for unknown reasons, but either way the bird cannot fly. The only way to reverse the damage is to basically strap the affected wing the the bids side and place it on a nutritionally balanced diet, b…

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