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R.I.P Lemon

2 Days ago I had to put down Lemon, my third Rat to die. A week or so prior she had fallen ill, and we knew it was only a matter of time. For the her last week she got better and as even eating and drinking on her own.

 But then, on Friday, she went from the best she had been in a while to the worst, in a matter of a few hours. I hoped it was just an episode so I put off taking her to the vets, until the following day where she was worse, way way worse. But the vets had already closed so I couldn't do anything until Monday. Nothing much happend on the Saturday, I lay in bed with her all day. She was only just able to move, basically dragging herself. On Sunday I made the decision to put her down the next day, she had a violent seizure which was horrible to watch, and since then she made bad twitching movements. I had really hoped she died over night, but she chose to carry on fighting. That makes it sound cruel of me to put her down while she is still fighting. But we all knew, i…