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A Busy Two Days!

On Wednesday as you would of seen if you've seen my older post we went to the apple store in meadowhall, when we got  back a  digital microscope was waiting for us at home, we spent a few hours looking at bugs and a bit of my grandads blood,. The microscope was purple and had a light on it, it could also take photos! it was really interesting.. except the dead spider, now THAT was creepy! Here are some photos!...

yesterday we found a micro cash and it was TEENY! It was about an inch high and half that wide!!!!!!!!!It was also our second and last day at the apple store in meadowhall, it was supposed to be 3 days but we found out that the third day was just people talking so we didn't bother.We made our Ibooks and mine was about a dragon called puff I would show you the story but i can't get it up! :( And PLUS my drawing on the iPad...... IS BAD!!!!!

We also had s bit of fun on the train coming home with nanny playing with her phone!

Drawing On A ipad! :)

Today we started a interactive storytelling with ibooks with the apple store in meadowhall (meadowhell). This will carry on for 2 more days, Today we learned drawing on a iPad ( not literally!). But after this I hope that I will NEVER have to go to meadowhall again!!! IT'S A PAIN!!!!
 Here are some photo's we took! :)...

Pandora's Box

Today we looked at the story of Pandora's box! here is the basic outline of the story. :)

Basically... a women called Pandora was made by some gods and was sent by Hermes from the heavens, she was given a boy called Epimetheus, Epimethus had no mum or dad so was happy to go with Pandora. She saw a box and was then curious of what was inside it so she asked Epimetheus what was inside but he didn't know all he knew was that someone had gave it him to keep safe. But Pandora was too curious to resist taking a peep inside, so while Epimetheus was out picking flowers for her she decided to open the box, just as Epimetheus walked through the door a swarm of troubles came flying out of the box and stung them both and she quickly shut the box.. but it was too late!
"please let me out" came a soft voice inside the box.
"NO!" said Pandora... "please, I'm sure you will" the voice said, so Epimetheus and Pandora open the box only to let out a pretty fairy.


Today we started to Incubate 3 eggs so HOPEFULLY, In about 21 days, we will have little chicks...
Here is some info on incubation!:

First off, eggs will normally hatch in around 21 days, sometimes they could hatch a day or 2 early or late.Secondly, eggs need to be placed in the incubator a week or less after being laid.(We put them in a few hours after being laid:)!)An ideal temperature for a hens egg to hatch should be around 37.5 °C but 35.°C to 40.5°Cis OK! You NEED to turn the eggs about 3 times a day to prevent the embryo sticking to the inside of the egg shell!DO NOT turn the eggs after the 18th day!We've 4 chickens of our own, 3 hens and 1 cockerel so the eggs were incubating are from our own hens which in my case makes it even more exiting! Our cockerel is a Light Sussex, one of our hens is a White Leghorn, another one is a Bluebell, and the last one is a Speckeldy so we don't know what we will come out with!

Crochet :)

Yesterday, I had a go of doing crochet with Alicia's mum, Emma! :)


On the 18th July.... WE FOUND OUR FIRST GEOCACHE!!!!!!!!!! In case you didn't know what a geocache was it is basically a treasure hunt, but it can take you all across Europe! the one we found was only in langold woods! sometimes they can have gifts in and other times you swap things like books! If you find one there is always a piece of paper inside on which you write your name on. ;)

We will be going out finding more! there about 40 within 1 hours walk... Jessica WILL NOT like us after this!! o_O 

First HE Meeting..... FOR AGES!!!!!!

On Wednesday I was taken to a HE meeting with Alicia, Nikki and there little brother Luke! This is the first time in ages that i have gone to a HE meeting, and it was pretty good timing as well..... THEY WERE MAKING BISCUITS!! Me and Alicia were one of the first to do them! as well as that I played minecraft with a boy who kept on KILLING me!!! the first time he said it was because he felt like but the second time it was because i wanted revenge!! >:( after that we started a war we both went digging for iron, i found the most but then i had to swap with someone decided to try and kill him with only iron boots and chest plate and din't bother mining so in the end he killed me with a full set of iron armor and an iron sword.

On Thursday I went to the park for another HE meeting.We also took our dog (Freda, Freya still can't come out as she only had another operation just last week! ) with us as you can see on the photo below.

After the meeting we went geocaching but unfortun…


A couple of years ago we went to Sweden! A country I've been wanting to move to since the holiday! Today my uncle Colin came all the the way from Stockholm which is approximately 1200 miles, which he rode on his motor bike! when he came he gave us 50 krona which we can spend when we do move which at the moment will be hopefully EXTREMELY soon!!!! here are some photos of when we were there!

 there are a lot of photos but if i put them all on it would go on and on and on! Please leave a comment on what you think of the difference between Britain's animals and Sweden's in the respect of how NOT scared the animals in Sweden are compared to Britain's! :)

Sleep over!

Last night,  I had a sleep over with two of my best friends from when I was in school. We had the sleep over my back garden, in a tent! It was very good, especially the part were I tried to freak out my little sister, Jess! when it got dark it started to get a little too scary! o_O We first played a few games and then we had a film night! It was amazing! But then we got too tired and decided to go to bed but I  couldn't get comfy!:'(  It was also VERY VERY hot!...I don't think I am going to sleep in there tonight!

Conisbrough Castle!

Unfortunately, I have missed my HE meeting again today 'cos' my dog is in surgery again this morning and were waiting for the phone call to say she's out of surgery and so my grandad can go and get her! She has got a bacteria called e coli!!!:'(As I have got nothing to write about I thought I would do my blog post on ' Conisborough Castle '.

We went to Conisborough Castle on the 1st of June were me, my nanny and grandad (and jess!) got to see all around the Castle ! It was very good but grandad had a bit of a weird moment looking down a toilet! we went up to the keep first were we saw a REAL (!) nest of live hawk chicks and they were sooooooo cute! they were in one of those archer slots which I have forgot the name of ! ;) we also saw a big well as we walked into the castle! Here is some information on the castle!..

....Conisbrough Castle was built by Hamelin Plantagenet, half brother of Henry II in the 1170’s. The  keep and parts of the gatehouse and curtain w…

Fathers Day card!

Oh, I forgot to show to my fathers day card !

Bug Handling!

Yesterday on the 3rd of July, we went to Sheffield university again but this time for a ' Be a scientist' day!

 It was a lot more interesting than last time, this time we didn't only go to the museum but when we came back we got to handle all sorts of creatures like: cockroaches, stick insects, meal worms, woodlice and meal worm beetles! I held the cockroach first then some other kids had a turn...

After that I held a long stick insect that was a lot more active than the cockroach. I think Alicia was much more happy to hold to stick insect than the cockroach! :) we also had a look under some microscopes at real life bug heads... it was weird but extremely interesting!

Oh, and by the way we won a years supply of pringles in a competition on Thursday.