Today we started to Incubate 3 eggs so HOPEFULLY, In about 21 days, we will have little chicks...
Here is some info on incubation!:

  • First off, eggs will normally hatch in around 21 days, sometimes they could hatch a day or 2 early or late.
  • Secondly, eggs need to be placed in the incubator a week or less after being laid.(We put them in a few hours after being laid:)!)
  • An ideal temperature for a hens egg to hatch should be around 37.5 °C but 35.°C to 40.5°C is OK!
  • You NEED to turn the eggs about 3 times a day to prevent the embryo sticking to the inside of the egg shell!
  • DO NOT turn the eggs after the 18th day!
We've 4 chickens of our own, 3 hens and 1 cockerel so the eggs were incubating are from our own hens which in my case makes it even more exiting! Our cockerel is a Light Sussex, one of our hens is a White Leghorn, another one is a Bluebell, and the last one is a Speckeldy so we don't know what we will come out with!

We put the x's on so that we know that
they are all turned!


  1. Thank you Abbiegail. I literally know nothing about how to get eggs to hatch and nor do I know the different types of Hens. Thank you for teaching me something new.
    Good luck with the hatching and look forward to seeing baby chicks.x

    1. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it too! :D

  2. I didn't realise it was so much work, turning the eggs 3 times a day until the 18th day.
    Very informative thank you Abbie.
    I can't wait to see the little chicks x

    1. Yes but luckily i don't have to do it! xD


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