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Eureka Home Educators Day - Destination Space!

Yesterday, me, Alicia and my Nanny went to Eureka for  a special Home Educators day. We first went this show where they basically told us about going to space and what its like up there and demonstrated 'lift off'' (when the rocket takes off) by putting chlorophyll alcohol into huge water bottle, keeping the gas inside and lighting it..... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, a load of flames came bursting out!

We got a couple of good photos but apart from playing with a robot, the actual space museum was a bit too childish for me. :/

Never Mind Monday, How's About today?

I said in the last post about me getting a rat on Monday..... I WAS WRONG! Today my Nanny and my Grandad surprised me when they took me to Sheffield to look at a pair of male rats, we liked the look of the rats and we got BOTH of them where as I though we were only getting one! They came with a HUGE cage as well, win win!

Here's what they look like!:

I'll get better photos soon and I'll announce the names. ;)

Next Monday I'll Have My Rat!

Today my nanny sent out an order for my rats cage, It's green (same colour as my new room) and comes with a ladder and a small shelf. PERFECT! Next Monday I'll be going to have a look at some rats and pick one that I like, not sure AT ALL what to call it though. :(

We (Me, my nanny and my grandad) went into town to look for some track suit bottoms for me, NONE of the actual sport shops had any so we're gonna have a look online to see if we can see any in my size.

It Snowed And Now A New Blog!

On Sunday morning I woke up to see that it had snowed over night, the whole back garden was covered and so were the trees.

I've started a new blog called 'Koppar-Bear-G' it's about where we take trips to during the week, from my bears perspective!

Artemis Fowl, Book No.1 Review

Well, yesterday I finished Artemis Fowl book 1. And now I'm doing a review on it: WARNING, SPOILERS ALERT!!!:

First off, Artemis Fowl is 12 years old  and already a criminal genius, (criminals run in the family, and are also rich). His mum has gone insane thinking that dreams from the past are real, due to the disappearance of her husband. Artemis has a Manservant called 'Butler' and Butler's Sister 'Juliet'. And meanwhile a Russian place has took a chunk of the Fowl family's fortune and Artemis intends on restoring it.

Basically, He comes across a old fairy who has this book to unlock mysteries of a WHOLE  underground base full of Trolls, fairies, elves, goblins and gnomes. But they not like in fairy-tales these fairies can fight. Holly, the main elf/fairy you read about, goes and tries to top up her magic by planting an acorn in the ground so 'mud men' (humans) cant see them but ends up getting trapped by Artemis and taken prisoner in his house &#…

2 Weeks Into 2016

First off, last Saturday me, my grandad and my lil' sister jess all went to a bike show in Newark, my grandad thought it was a bit of a disappointment as we paid £10 to get in! Jess didn't like much at all, she was constantly asking to go. Me, I just enjoyed it as much as my grandad, He didn't mind going there at all as he never really goes anywhere that HE wants to go. So that was also a reason not to be asking to go.
 I own a motorbike but I've outgrown it :(. And even when I was small enough I only got on it a couple times as my old school fenced off the school field (Where I rode it), and I don't think they were very happy on sports day a few years ago, I left a few tyre tracks where the lines where and they where full of water.
 Anyway about 3 and a bit weeks until my Birthday so 3 and a bit weeks until I get my own pet rat!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooo excited! But I have to read an entire Artims Fowl book by then or I don't get him. ;-;

Sleep Overs! But Christmas is over! :(

Well, that's Christmas done for another year. My little sister Jess is back in school (HURRAY!!!!!), time to start work again. Oh... 2016.... 16 % 4 ....... It's a LEAP YEAR! WHOOP WHOOP.

I got loads of nice stuff for Christmas, including the laptop that I'm using to write this post.

Anyway, between Christmas and new year I had 2 sleep overs with my Home Ed best friend and my School friends: Molly & Bonnie the twins, and Alicia (Home ed). They were pretty neat (the sleep overs) they weren't girly (AT ALL!) either, I'm not girly. Like I didn't scream "PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!" every 2 minutes. They were more playing games like minecraft and terraria on my ps3. We slept in my new room (painted green and yellow). It liked 'em.

355 days 'till Christmas yaaaaaaaay, no.

A Round-Up Of What We've Done In 2015.

I started 2015 in school, as I'd wanted to come out for a while my nanny took me out in May. Up until May it was VERY boring so not much to talk about, HOWEVER this is some of what happened afterwards:

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!!