2 Weeks Into 2016

First off, last Saturday me, my grandad and my lil' sister jess all went to a bike show in Newark, my grandad thought it was a bit of a disappointment as we paid £10 to get in! Jess didn't like much at all, she was constantly asking to go. Me, I just enjoyed it as much as my grandad, He didn't mind going there at all as he never really goes anywhere that HE wants to go. So that was also a reason not to be asking to go.

 I own a motorbike but I've outgrown it :(. And even when I was small enough I only got on it a couple times as my old school fenced off the school field (Where I rode it), and I don't think they were very happy on sports day a few years ago, I left a few tyre tracks where the lines where and they where full of water.

 Anyway about 3 and a bit weeks until my Birthday so 3 and a bit weeks until I get my own pet rat!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooo excited! But I have to read an entire Artims Fowl book by then or I don't get him. ;-; 


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