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OMG! THE 20TH!!! OMG! I Haven't Wrapped ANYTHING Yet!!! 0.0

I-I-I-I-I still haven't go-o-o-ot any so-o-ongs to si-i-ing. Sorry, again.

(Again) All the news I have is that I might not be posting tomorrow, the day after and the day after that.... Buuuut, I'm not telling you why! ;) Wait and see to find out! ;)

4 more days 'till Christmas!

December's Going So Fast!

No so-o-o-o-o-o-ngs to si-i-i-i-i-i-i-ng. I a-a-a-a-m so so-o-orry :( <= Please make up the tune) 
Nothin' 'as 'append today, 'xcept 'tis 'de day when ur posed to speak incorrectly 'n' mis loads o' letters out when u speak (sorry :3) 
I'm trying to make this post look interesting 'cos I've got nothing to say.... oh, wait! Its the 19th! 5 more days to go!

Going To Gainsborough!

Today we (Me, and my nanny) took a small trip to Gainsborough to meet up with my 2 friends Anna and Sophie, they had recently moved houses so we though we'd go and visit them.

It only took 24 mins on the train so time wise its wasn't bad, they picked us up at the station as well. When we got to their house, the twins ( Sophie 'n' Anna) first suggestion was to play with dolls or horses, I'm not a fan of either. So we scrapped that and they said about practising gymnastics, I told them a few times that I couldn't do gymnastics.

So, eventually, we all agreed on playing on the Wii! That, I liked!

We played for the rest of the day on that 'till it was time to go!

Whoop! 18th December, 6 days left! Christmas is right around the corner! No, don't go and look.

What I Did Yesterday.

Going off that you've seen my last post, A Busy Day Ahead! :), yule (<<< heh heh ) know what I'm talking about. ;)
When we arrived at Clumber Park we went in to this mini museum like place, where we got quite bored and started to play Hide 'n' Seek! There were plenty of hiding places. ;)

Soon we when and got something to eat and drink (thanks Emma!) and headed to a mini park where we build a couple of shelters. It was a nice day out!

But when we got back guess what.......Laser Labyrinth time! We got back and not long after I  went with St. John Ambulance to their Christmas party! It......was.....awesome...! I got a descent score as well but one of the instructors when killer crazy and won every time!

One Week To Go!! dun dun duuuuuun!

A Busy Day Ahead! :)

Well, I've got a REALLY busy day ahead today. It was my friend Alicia's birthday yesterday and today they're picking me up at my house and taking me, Alicia, her little brother Luke, Her 'lil' sister Nikki to Clumber Park!

I'm also going to Laser Labyrinth With St. John Ambulance tonight. We're having a Christmas party there! :)

Joy to the world, the lord has come. Let earth receive her king; I cant think of any more non-religious ones :( Other people might like 'em though. :)

8 DAYS TO GO! We're getting closer!

So.....Tired....... UUUGGGHHH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jessica slept in my room last night, the only bad night I've had! Doesn't that say somethin', eh? She had to do this 'cos her bedroom's being painted and decorated. (*moan*)

I have not got a song to sing, Lalalalalalalalala. Making the words up as I go along, Falalalalalala la la la. (sorry!)!

Whoop, Whoop,10 More Days. Whoop, Whoop!

'Lil' bit sleepy from last night,...... zzzZZZZZZ no...... ugh....... It wasn't me...... UH, WHAT?!?! (I do actually do that in my sleep ;))

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.I don't know, any more o' this song. I'm running out of songs :'(

I've actually got nothin' more to say really. Oh, wait..... 10 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!