Going To Gainsborough!

Today we (Me, and my nanny) took a small trip to Gainsborough to meet up with my 2 friends Anna and Sophie, they had recently moved houses so we though we'd go and visit them.

It only took 24 mins on the train so time wise its wasn't bad, they picked us up at the station as well. When we got to their house, the twins ( Sophie 'n' Anna) first suggestion was to play with dolls or horses, I'm not a fan of either. So we scrapped that and they said about practising gymnastics, I told them a few times that I couldn't do gymnastics.

So, eventually, we all agreed on playing on the Wii! That, I liked!

We played for the rest of the day on that 'till it was time to go!

Whoop! 18th December, 6 days left! Christmas is right around the corner! No, don't go and look.


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