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On Friday the 6th of April our Freda gave birth to 9 little puppies! She had the first at 10:54 and the last one 20:00. All together we've got 4 Boys and 5 Girls.

 After the 7th was born we thought that's was it, mainly because it was a whole 4 hours and nothing else had happened. I turned round and BOOM, one popped out. The next 5-10 minutes was chaos because we were just told that if anymore came they probably wouldn't survive, and also because he was in a awkward position so it was quite difficult to get a hold of him.

 About 45 minutes after that we saw contractions so at least I was prepared, this one popped out easily and for a second I wasn't sure if he was breathing, but luckily he was.

So far they're all looking good, cute and healthy. Even little Runty is fine. Someone is watching Freda 24/7 so we shouldn't lose any. I've been pooped on quite a few times and my slippers are covered in I don't know what. But its worth it :D.