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3 Museums in York (And I'm Now The Queen of Pigeons)

Yesterday I had to get up way too early to go to York. 07:00-08:15 We get up, get dressed, get out. A 35 minute drive later we get to the train station, where we wait for 10 minutes trying to figure out where our train is. We finally get in York and then we wonder around a park feeding squirrels by hand with some monkey nuts that a lady gave us, (I ended up eating to rest of the monkey nuts).

We go to our first museum, Yorkshire museum, wasn't overly interesting (wasn't at all interesting) so... moving on. York Castle museum was a bit better, If it wasn't for the 55 steps leading up to the the actual castle and then realising we can't get in without a pass it may have actually been a nice experience. We took a break and went back to the park to feed more squirrels... It was then that I was crowned Queen of The Pigeons.

 Yeah... that was fun, we had to go wash our hands though. Last and definitely least, York railway museum. It was our third time there so I got pretty b…