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As you know, Easter's just gone! Yay! And as I've already stated, I am not religious. So Easter, for me, is egg hunting in my back-garden and CHOCOLATE lots and lots of CHOCOLATE (I love chocolate, so Easter's one of my favourite celebration-y things)!

This Easter we had 2 Easter egg hunts (well done to nanny for doing these), the 1st was one where we were given a bunch of clues and had to go around collecting eggs. The second was where we were given a starter clue which led to another clue which led to another clue and so on..... and it seemed to go on forever until I eventually found the egg, a minion egg!!! It got hard at some of the clues, especially as nanny and grandad didn't help much! >:(

3 Days Of Cooking

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week Me and Jess went to the Tesco in Rotherham to learn how to cook!

The three days we were there we made 3 items a day, but I'm only going to talk about my favourite :3:

Day 1.  Pitta Bread with some sort of really nice tomato topping! This was probably my favourite out all 3, It was surprisingly nice (considering I helped to make it!). And guess what two ingredients we made the pitta bread out of??? I will reveal in the comment section! ;)

Day 2.  Chow mien. I learned that this name actually means 'left overs' in Chinese! We also made a bread mixture to bring home, see below.

Day 3. A Greek salad!!! I like most Greek food and I love salad! Greek food + salad = YUMMY! :D I probably liked the cheese that was in it most.

And probably the part that I liked best of all 3 cooking lessons was the fact than I took part with chopping, grating, squeezing, squishing, stirring.... *huff* *puff*, peeling and most importantly... EATING!!!! Wow, I …

The Peanuts Movie

Today, me, Jess and my nanny went to see the peanuts movie in the cinema (a special home ed showing).... I already had low expectations.

This was one of worst films I had EVER seen. I don't want to explain what happened cos it's just not worth it, at all. -1/10, that's how badly I hate this film. I don't know what to expect from the Charlie Brown films, though. So if you like them MAYBE you'll find this film a bit better.

It's too soppy, too clich├ęd, too predictable, too BAD! I've watched bad films before, but this one is probably one of the worst. The thing I hate most Is the storyline in general.

Sorry for criticizing this film, its more of a honest review really.

Aircraft Museum

Yesterday me, Jess and my grandad went to the aircraft museum in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, to learn how aeroplanes and helicopters fly. There was a home educators day there so we decide to go and have a look what's there. As soon as we got there (after a half-an-hour trip) we imminently saw a HUGE helicopter and aeroplanes!

When we got inside we waited a while... then the lesson stared! I already know a little bit about how aeroplanes flew but I didn't know 95% of what they taught me then and there. My favourite part of that lesson was the little clip they showed us of early attempts of flying... IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Hehe. :3

We had dinner. It was yummy.

We then had a look around the actual museum, here are some pictures:

St. John Ambulance

Yesterday I went to St. John Ambulance (not that I don't go every week, but I'm just talking about this week). The first lesson was about drowning, which was strange because earlier that day me, my nanny and grandad were talking about swimming lessons for me, which I hate by the way.

The drowning lesson was mainly how to get them out, without jumping in after them. We did cover how to treat them. But I'm not gonna go through it! ;)

Then we had a break.................................................................. a long one. Actually only about 20 minutes, but ok.

Then we went onto learning about the human eye and what can go wrong and how to treat it, stuff like chemicals in the eye, foreign objects in the eye and so on. They weren't looking for diseases and stuff like that, though.

We then went on to treating dummies, I got put In a group where they we teaching how to help someone who was choking to DEATH. I was the one to treat the baby, It amazed me how gentle…