As you know, Easter's just gone! Yay! And as I've already stated, I am not religious. So Easter, for me, is egg hunting in my back-garden and CHOCOLATE lots and lots of CHOCOLATE (I love chocolate, so Easter's one of my favourite celebration-y things)!

This Easter we had 2 Easter egg hunts (well done to nanny for doing these), the 1st was one where we were given a bunch of clues and had to go around collecting eggs. The second was where we were given a starter clue which led to another clue which led to another clue and so on..... and it seemed to go on forever until I eventually found the egg, a minion egg!!! It got hard at some of the clues, especially as nanny and grandad didn't help much! >:(

Happy Late EASTER!!!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your chocolate. Happy long weekend off time,ha.x

  2. I already ate all my eggs oops :/


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