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Learning Swedish

This is a video of me learning to speak Swedish.

First Home Ed. Meeting

My first meeting went very well, i met a few children and they were very nice to me. I think i might of made at least one friend already, first i played a bit of pool with my nanny, she being older she won! then i played ping pong/table tennis. After, I played with my new friend for a bit outside on some exercise equipment. so yeah my very first meeting went excellent, an awful lot better than i thought. After we got home, I decided to watch a science video on how we breath. I learnt that artenes are vessels coming FROM your heart and veins are vessels going TO your heart. The size of your lungs is 75 square meters, wow thats alot of space!I've gotta go now and see if my chickens have laid any eggs:)

Looking forward

I've been wanting to come out of school for about 3 years and ever since i have been taken out of school my behavior has improved especially towards my sister;) I can now also focus more on tending to my plants (veg) so that WHEN we move to sweden i'll know what i'm doing. Cucumbers I'm also looking forward to when my room in the attic is done 'cos' at the moment my grandad is working on it!


Hello,my name is Abbie,I'm 10 years old and i was taken out of school on the 5th of may 2015 and having a great time ever since,I am now being home educated! :)

I am an animal lover i have 2 dogs 4 chickens, i would like to get a pet rat or a pet snake. but i think i'm most likely to get a rat - considering we have dogs.:)

my favorite colour is green but i mostly wear  black stuff.:D