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Bike Show And The Wall of Death! dun dun duuuuuun!

Yesterday, Me, Jess and my Grandad went to the international bike show in Stafford! It was really boring! Except- e-excep-ex-cept....  zZzZzZz -_-    -_o    O_O < I REALLY WASN'T SLEEPING! I PROMISE!!

 Except the part where we got to go and see the wall of death, which is basically motorcyclists riding their bike around a wall, performing tricks and being awesome!!! And by the look on some people's faces (including Jessica's) they all looked like they dropped something... in their pants.

Shire Brook Valley

NO bugs were hurt in the making of this blog post!!!

Yesterday, me nanny and Jessica went to Shire Brook Valley for a pond dipping session. When we got here we hung around for a bit, waiting, bored.... then we were brought inside and talked about life cycles and what we should find in the ponds. We then just quickly ran over some rules and we had a choice of two ponds, we went to the furthest one, about a minutes walk... so not they far away.

Anyways, here are some photos of what we caught!

We didn't just do pond dipping though, a couple of us (me included) did Clarity Testing, and the water was surprisingly clean, I could see 11 dots out of 12. I didn't know pond water could be that clear! The couple of us doing to Clarity Testing also did a PH Test, I got a 5,5 which means the water is quite acidic! I didn't see anybody else's results though... so I might of had a faulty strip, I dunno.

Photograph of us doing stuff.

A Ginger-Bread House And A Tiny Egg!... And A Selfie. :3

Yesterday, me, nanny 'n' Jess went down to our main road to go to the library. I brought £5 with me to get some rat food from the hardware shop, then we went into Fultons. There, me and nanny spotted a ginger bread house kit and as it was only £2.49 I decided to get it. Anyway, at the till it went through as £3.99... Nanny corrected them and a member of staff went to have a look, it turns out the wrong label had been put there so we were able to get it £1.50 cheaper.. yay!

We don't usually get stuff like this in the middle of April but I had never decorated one before, and the price we thought it was, I couldn't say 'no'!

And after that VERY long back story that wasn't needed much at all, me and Jess decorated it (and as it was mine I did most of it, and, erm I dont wanna talk about the parts she did... 0-0 heh) and we started to eat it! THE END..... not much else to be said really.

Now for the extremely teeny weeny hens egg. Nanny thinks it's somthing …

2 In one - Artemis Fowl book 2 & 3

Yesterday I just finished Artemis Fowl book 3 (Artemis Fowl and the eternity code), I haven't done a book review on the 2nd one either (Artemis Fowl and the arctic incident) so I (And by that I mean nanny told me) decided to do 2 in 1 blog post. :/ So here goes!

Book 2 was definatley a better book that book even though book one was good, I am not going to spoil it so this is going to be about I like it and not much else...... soooo, um, I like it....... 9.99999999999 (X 20)/10? The reason i dropped the 0.00000000000 (X 20) 1 was cos its a bit 'soft' at places an' I'm not into that.


Book 3, this is my favourite out of the three. ESPECIALLY the close to finish ending! I'm just going to talk mostly about the ending, if you couldn't tell. Firstly, Butler gets shot by this character called 'Arno Blunt' (He just asumed that he's dead, BAAAAD mistake) and is saved by Artemis and Holly (Holl…