2 In one - Artemis Fowl book 2 & 3

Yesterday I just finished Artemis Fowl book 3 (Artemis Fowl and the eternity code), I haven't done a book review on the 2nd one either (Artemis Fowl and the arctic incident) so I (And by that I mean nanny told me) decided to do 2 in 1 blog post. :/ So here goes!

Book 2 was definatley a better book that book even though book one was good, I am not going to spoil it so this is going to be about I like it and not much else...... soooo, um, I like it....... 9.99999999999 (X 20)/10? The reason i dropped the 0.00000000000 (X 20) 1 was cos its a bit 'soft' at places an' I'm not into that.


Book 3, this is my favourite out of the three. ESPECIALLY the close to finish ending! I'm just going to talk mostly about the ending, if you couldn't tell. Firstly, Butler gets shot by this character called 'Arno Blunt' (He just asumed that he's dead, BAAAAD mistake) and is saved by Artemis and Holly (Holly being a fairy if I hadn't already said that). Towards the end Butler visits him in his interrogation cell (obviously 'cos of Arno's crimes) and pretends to be a ghost and spooks Arno into telling everyone the truth all while threatening him that if he doesn't he'll kill him and, of cause, Arno cowers in fear and agrees. It is much, much better actually reading it! :) 11/10 Heehee.


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