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Seahorses could be extinct in 30 years: Trade in dried wildlife souvenirs could see the marine creatures wiped out!!!
Seahorses could be wiped out within 30 years by the illegal sale of dead wildlife as curiosities, according to a conservation charity.
The Seahorse Trust are trying to achieve a new target to stop the sale of dried marine animals as holiday keepsakes. Please see what you can do to help to Stop The Curio Trade Campaign
Many families would have been to seaside resorts across Britain during the summer holidays, and may have seen all the seahorses and other creatures up for sale. The trust are warning people not to buy the mementos and instead report shops that sell them to the charity.
Creatures such as innocent seahorses, starfish, pipefish and corals are found in tourist shops in coastal towns across the UK.
Neil Garrick-Maidment, executive director of the Seahorse Trust, said while they might seem like innocent seaside souvenirs, they are illegal. And I agree! Of every thous…


Yesterday, I ended up baking some fairy cakes and a banana loaf. We had sooo many eggs from our chickens and some butter that needed to be used up! I think they were pretty good so did my nanny :3
Here are some photos of them!!! :)

Bush craft day

On the 11th August, me, my sister and my grandad went on a bush craft day in Sherwood pines. As I had already been there once and enjoyed it, my grandad decided to buy us both a fire starter! When we got there we met up at a pretty well carved gruffalo, we waited for everybody to turn up.

 When everybody got here we were all given maps that led us to a "secret" camp where we would be doing all of the activities! once we had got there ( as I knew ) there was a ring of logs and a little fire pit in the middle.

 Our first activity was shelter building! we grouped up with somebody else ( a little girl and a mum!) First we got our ridge pole and put it on a tree with a branch coming off at about shoulder height( to keep your body heat close to you)! We then put poles leaning against the ridge pole. After that we then weaved in some thinner branches and then put loads of ferns and stuff like that.

After we finished that, we had lunch then we started fire lighting and roasting marshma…

Videos Of Our Egg Hatching!



In a previous post i talked about incubating eggs.. now the eggs are hatching!!! :D

Yesterday one of our eggs started to pip, As it can take 24 hours or more for a chick to hatch I thought we would have a chick the next day.

A few hours later there was a HUGE crack and cheeping! It was really strange not being able to see the chick but hearing it.

When we were sent to bed (my eye's were just drooping) we was called down to see that the chick had kicked off a huge chunk of the egg. We stayed down a bit longer and it finally punched through and we saw a wing!

A few minutes later it was fully hatched! it looked better than i expected but it still looked like a soggy mess.

Now (as I'm typing) the little chick is much more fluffy! We will be moving it into a cage which I bought for my rat but it's been donated to the chick. It's going to be put in to the attic (which will be my room very soon) where it's safe and quiet! Sadly, the big one hasn't made it... th…

Pets At Home Day

On the 5th August we all went to pets at home, where me and my sister jess got to stroke furry animals. It was supposed to be a rat handling day but we had a phone call to say they had no rats so did we still want to go?..... YES!!! Even though there were no rats i still LOVED IT as we got to hold ANYTHING we wanted for a hour!!!! Here are some photos of the animals we held! (jess only held one thing!)


On Monday Freya had to go to the vets for possibly the last operation. She will have to stay there in a kennel for a week we get to visit her daily but as I'm not very well I missed out on today. :( today is Friday her 5th day there and she looks a bit better but she needs to improve a lot, because this is her last chance... if it doesn't heal now than it is very likely that she will be put to sleep..... :'( but i am super sure that she will come home in 2 days time and stay with us for the rest of her life which hopefully will be another 4 - 5 years!!!

Here is what she looks like....
Here is what she should look like again in about 7 months time!!! :)

If you don't know what happened to freya you can read about it on the A Good & Bad Week Post