Pets At Home Day

On the 5th August we all went to pets at home, where me and my sister jess got to stroke furry animals. It was supposed to be a rat handling day but we had a phone call to say they had no rats so did we still want to go?..... YES!!! Even though there were no rats i still LOVED IT as we got to hold ANYTHING we wanted for a hour!!!! Here are some photos of the animals we held! (jess only held one thing!)

Here's me holding a grebil (there's a story on how the gerbil became a grebil!).

Here jess holding the only thing she DID hold, a baby bearded dragon!!!

Here's a close up of the one I held!!

snake: It's a hole new wooorrrlllldddd.. wait.. *takes one glance at me* I'm not
 fed enough for this!! I QUIT!!

This is the python that we weren't allowed to hold cos of its temper! 


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