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Bye-Bye Fishy :(

The UK is the worlds biggest consumer and distributor of cod and haddock, but this popular food is at high risk. Cod are being WAY over fished, we need to slow down to give them a chance to breed and reproduce. And fish industries have already been warned by MCS (Marine Conversation Society) , but a quote from Mr. Armstrong (the chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation) "The fishing industry is well used to these sorts of frankly meaningless publications… you can continue to buy your fish supper without worrying about whether there will be enough fish left in the sea" tells us that they are just brushing it off as a hoax... you really can't make this up. This species of cod have already gone extinct in Canada and the same could happen in the North Sea (the prime fishing area for cod).

Haddock are too being over fished, their numbers have dropped under the recommended sustainable level for fishing and this will continue to drop unless we do something about i…