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World War 2 On The Home Front!!

On Saturday, 26th of September we ( me, jess, grandad and nanny) drove though to Rufford Abbey to see a world war 2 themed show that my grandad really wanted to go to! When we got there it was a pain to park, luckily there were still a few spaces available! After we managed to get into the main place we saw a ruin of an Abbey(!) and a couple of REAL tanks!!!

We passed a load of tents with people in who were dressed as solders a few had fake, bloody, nasty looking wounds on them.... they haven't seen my nan dress me up like a zombie for Halloween! We saw a tent with loads of world war 2 sweets and the man said that he's been collecting them but what he can't find he makes himself.... he gave me a sweetie cigarate....once I had eaten it I said to my grandad that I hoped that he HAD made it himself.... otherwise I would have just eaten a 70 year old sweet!!!

There were a few demonstrations on, one was fire in the abbey (fake!), another one was a air raid but unfortunately w…

A Lunar Eclipse!!!

Last night at about 2:45 I was woken up to see a LUNAR ECLIPSE and a SUPER MOON at the same time! I'm surprised I managed to get up even though I knew I was going to be woke up! Anyway once I joined my nanny and grandad in the attic/future bedroom I saw a black disc with just a little light at the bottom, I stood there for about half an hour, grandad didn't think it was worth it but I liked it. Pretty soon all there was was a orangey red coloured moon in the sky... but we didn't get many good photos!

We didn't know how a lunar eclipse could happen because the moon only orbits the earth so at no time does the moon go behind the sun!!!! But as it turns out its only a shadow of the earth covering the moon and it's when the sun, moon and earth are almost inline!!!! A super moon happens when it is a new moon or a full moon, and it's when the moon is closest to the earth!!!!

A Busy Week

It's been quite a busy few days, some took an unexpected turn but turned out ok!

First off, on  Monday, me, Sophie, Anna, my nan and their mum went geocaching..... but it started raining heavily as we were looking for the first geocache. We were that wet that all five of us went to bigtops and played in there a bit (2 hours).

On Wednesday me, Alicia and my nanny went to see about joining the St. john ambulance cadets, we start properly next week! When we got there the leader came out and greeted us and showed us around. We looked at the schedule for the rest of the year, more on this when we start properly next week!

Yesterday, me and Alicia basically took soap making lessons from my nanny! we started off by picking Alicia up from her mum's house, we took her home and started soap making but there was a problem, there was a hole in the bottom of one the bowls... luckily granddad's super fixing skills fixed it by the time we had walked down to the main road and came back an…


On my previous posts I have talked about Freya my dog, about her accident and how she's getting on...... SHE'S FIXED!!!!! After her 3rd operation Freya was locked up in a kennel for two weeks, not able to move for 23 hours of the day (the 1 hour for doing her business) so that she could not move so that would give the wound a chance to heal.

 During those 2 weeks in the vets we went up and down visiting her and giving her loads of treats. After being home from the vets for 3 weeks she was FINALLY discharged! She is now allowed to run, jump, play, lick and scratch (not to much!) and she goes on walks regularly with me and my grandad!

The only REAL sign to show anything had happened is a HUGE scar running from one side to the other! Once her hair grows back we will hardly notice it and the same with other people, hopefully nothing else happens!

She keeps jumping over the fence and digging holes......... YEP(!) she's back to herself! This took nearly 3 months a…

Stop Fracking.....NOW!!!!

Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at rock with teeny tiny cracks sometimes less than a mm apart to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the cracks to open up a lot more so the gas can escape to the head of the well. The process is carried out by drilling horizontally to the rocky layer VERY deep down. Fracking allows drilling to access difficult-to-reach amounts of oil and gas. It is thought to have gas security to the US and Canada for about 100 years, and has opened a way to generate electricity at half the CO2 emissions of coal. People suggest fracking of shale gas could add to the UK's future energy needs. A report by the Energy and Climate Change Committee in April said shale gas in the UK may help to secure energy supplies ….. BUT AT WHAT COST?!?!?!?!?!?      Think about it, people fracking under your house, 1.your house could SINK. 2. T…

GoIng To Game City/ The VidieoGame Arcade!

Yesterday, we went to the videogame arcade in Nottingham with me, Alicia, Nikki, Luke, their mum Emma and my nanny. First off I got up at about 07:30 in the morning to get on the train by 09:38. We then met up with 3 other HE families. It took about 1 hour and 10 minutes on the train and then about another 15 mins walking to the place.

 When we finally got there and walked in there was a HUGE board with a photo of stampy cat :3!! the first game me and Alicia played on was this shooting game that I cant remember ( not space invaders ). after we got bored we went upstairs to play more games, there was this one quite good game that everybody could join in but we only got about 5 minutes!

 Then... FINALLY(!!!) ......A very quick and not even proper coding lesson with scratch! The FREE coding lessons on Khan Academy were much better than the whole thing!!!

On the way back we started playing with nanny's phone again.......!     

We Went To Gulliver's World

 Friday the 4th September, me, Jess, my uncle Phillip and my auntie Rebecca went to Gulliver's world, first off auntie Rebecca kept it a secret for AGES when we got there we were STILL CONVINCED then uncle Phillip had just took us the wrong way! When we finally found out auntie Rebecca was telling fibs! ;)

When I first walked in I was like "Hmmm, wow".... I heard we were staying here....."WICKED!!!!!!!!". mine and Jessica's room was pretty small but the TV for each bed made up for it! We stayed up 'till about 11'oclock

This room even had a bowl of free sweets and juice!!! After the first night we went to the theme park next door! it started off REALLY REALLY REALLY booooring because when we first walked in there was a really babyish gully opening show where two very sad people dressed up as Gully and Gilly mouse... BUT OF COUSE JESS LOVED IT!!!!!

Playing on rides is really all that happened all day, so the next day we went to the splas…