A Busy Week

It's been quite a busy few days, some took an unexpected turn but turned out ok!

First off, on  Monday, me, Sophie, Anna, my nan and their mum went geocaching..... but it started raining heavily as we were looking for the first geocache. We were that wet that all five of us went to bigtops and played in there a bit (2 hours).

On Wednesday me, Alicia and my nanny went to see about joining the St. john ambulance cadets, we start properly next week! When we got there the leader came out and greeted us and showed us around. We looked at the schedule for the rest of the year, more on this when we start properly next week!

Yesterday, me and Alicia basically took soap making lessons from my nanny! we started off by picking Alicia up from her mum's house, we took her home and started soap making but there was a problem, there was a hole in the bottom of one the bowls... luckily granddad's super fixing skills fixed it by the time we had walked down to the main road and came back and still had time to go on the computer!
Here's us pouring some soap into a mould! :)

When we got back nanny set everything up and we started making melt and pour soap, we made a few bars each adding colour, mixing colours and adding fragrances!
Here's me and Alicia adding colour and mixing! 
Here are the finished results!!!


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