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Halloween Party With St. John Ambulance :)

Yesterday, my nanny spent most of the day making me look like an AWESOME zombie! She spent about 3 hours on the make up to go to the Halloween party at the St. John Ambulance.

Below is a picture of me partially done, I will put a post with the FULL costume on Halloween! ;)

When we got there I got a few reactions! ;) The first thing I did there was carve a PUMPKIN! Here's what it looks like.

Then we got some party food and ate it in the hall, after we finished up we played a bit Hide and Seek.... IN  THE DARK! (good job we were at a first aid place! ;)) And THAT was pretty much it.

Geocaching At Longshaw Country Park!

Yesterday, 19th October, Me, my nan, Joseph, and his mum all went Geocaching. It took a while getting there (1h and a bit), but when we DID get there it was quite pretty with all the hills!

We set off immediately on our walk/ first Geocache.

My nanny took out her GPS to guide us there, we got to a point where we climbed up a load of big rocks to get to the top where the GPS was leading us.

 We found a few trees which it could be hiding around, we knew this as the clue said 'The Last Tree'. It ended up being the one my nan thought it was originally, but where around the tree was it? Me and Josephs mum thought it was at the bottom of the tree where the roots were in the air. We turned out to be right! I'm not going to spoil anything so all I'm going to say is we found it eventually! ;)

So after that cache was found we decided  to go over to the stream were a load of big rocks just laying in the stream!

 Me and Joseph had some fun climbing around on the rocks for a bit th…

St. John's Ambulance

It's been 3 weeks since I properly started to go to St. John's Ambulance as a cadet, and I'm sure I'll keep going!

So far we've learned: Recovery position ( I nearly broke my instructors..... EVERTHING!), C.P.R (witch at the moment I might be able to get someone breathing but they'll end up with several broken ribs! ;)), How to stop bleeding (got to work on that :/), strains and sprains in only 3 days of going!

As a Cadet, I'll be working towards a Grand Prior Award (not sure WHAT this is). I can choose from over seventy different subjects to complete my award. These are from first aid to fire prevention and photography to sports.

We don't have any photos at all, sorry! :(

Chick Update!!!

Today I'm just giving a little update on how our (not so) little chicks are doing, as only one chick hatched we bought two more, they're Orpingtons. ;)

So, just under 9 weeks later they were built (by my brilliant grandad) a new little coop and a run in the back garden, as soon as it was done they were able to move in, but we waited a few hours 'cos' of something my (brainy) nanny looked up earlier in the day! They are now settled in and they've already spent the night in there after my grandad got them into the coop itself. Today it's my turn to "tuck" them in if they don't do it themselves! ;)

Here are a few of the photos my nanny took. (see? She's so brainy she knows how to work a camera!)

This is a REAL weird one!......

<---- From This, To This ---->

Yep, BIG improvement!


Today, we had another go at Geocaching (this time we actually WENT Geocaching instead of going to big tops!) with me, nanny, Sophie, Anna and their mum.

We first decided to go up a pit hill which my nanny let me navigate the up there we did get there but I took them the loooong way round. But as I turns out, after ages of looking, the cache had gone missing! :(

So after that failed attempt we went looking for a different one, next up Lazy Tree! It wasn't hard finding that one as the twins ( Sophie and Anna) mum found it first.

We then brought them to a cache that we had already found but let them find it. After 5 minutes of looking nanny let me gesture in the direction as I could plainly see it!

We then started to walk back, we had about 45 mins in the park and then we all went home!

Eden Camp

Yesterday me and my grandad went to Eden camp!!! It took us a while (1h 35mins) to get there but when we did get there one of the first things we saw was this huge spitfire!!!!! Once we paid to get in (which only cost £3 each as we are home ed) we were told that there were 29 huts and we were to start at number 1.

 For the next couple of hours it was just going in and out of the huts, I found out that there was a plane made entirely out of wood and most of the German aircraft could not catch it except one. Apparently, Eden camp was a POW (prisoners of war) camp in the war time, and some of the things the prisoners made were brilliant (!), they made loads of shoes, toys, slippers, cigarette cases, wallets, loads of stuff.

We got to one hut which was a gift shop where we bought
 some cinder toffee!!! YUM! So for the rest of the visit I was eating cinder toffee. while my grandad told me all about the stuff on display :) There was another hut  were you could shoot a real gun (no bu…

Gullivers World Reveiw

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Intro To Gulliver's.

On Friday the 4th of September, we took a trip to Gulliver's world in Warrington where we went on loads of rides and stayed in a hotel for 2 nights, this was a prize that my nan had won late in the previous year and she kept it a secret for AGES!

Our Room.

 It was a very good win as Gulliver's hotel had a load of themed rooms.... we got the swizzles
one. In the corner of the room there was a huge love heart like the sweets 'hearts' and there were 2 stools, again a stack of 'hearts, the main bed was bright and colourful and our room was quite small but the double decker beds had a TV each and separate remotes and the whole room was in the theme of a tree house!

 In the bath room there were pretty (but fake) flowers, there was also a rack above the bath containing 2 bottles one of shampoo and the other had soap. The room itself was very brightly decorated especially the walls.;)

The Breakfast. ;)

:3 After the first n…

Agario, A Review

I first learned about Agario when I was watching a video on youtube so I had to check it out!

Agario is a very easy game to understand. You get a coloured circle (cell), move it around the screen with your mouse or finger, eat everything that stays still long enough so you can grow bigger. When you are small you move really quickly but as you get bigger you move slower.

When you get bigger you can start to split and eat other people, as it is an online game there are other people playing so they split away or something else to avoid getting eaten! You can die as soon as you 'spawn' into the game as it's totally random. 

BUT parents should note... there IS  a downside to it being online... people swear so as you can type your own name.....bad words may occur, so a watch what sever you go on and look out for swearing or lag and even bad photo (if you type a certain name you can get different photos in you cell... ulaaa is a VERY BAD ONE!! if you cant get away from the bad langu…