Agario, A Review

I first learned about Agario when I was watching a video on youtube so I had to check it out!

Agario is a very easy game to understand. You get a coloured circle (cell), move it around the screen with your mouse or finger, eat everything that stays still long enough so you can grow bigger. When you are small you move really quickly but as you get bigger you move slower.

When you get bigger you can start to split and eat other people, as it is an online game there are other people playing so they split away or something else to avoid getting eaten! You can die as soon as you 'spawn' into the game as it's totally random. 

BUT parents should note... there IS  a downside to it being online... people swear so as you can type your own name.....bad words may occur, so a watch what sever you go on and look out for swearing or lag and even bad photo (if you type a certain name you can get different photos in you cell... ulaaa is a VERY BAD ONE!! if you cant get away from the bad language there is a settings button shaped like a cog where you can turn off names and photos!!! :)

There are (like all games) dangers, one being other players bigger that you and the other one is little green spikey, virus green things.. if you are much bigger than them and run into them you will pop upon going into them! (they make a GREAT hiding place if you are smaller as enemies  will burst when the are trying to eat you!!!!

You also have the choice to play as a team where there are 3 colours, red, blue and green. Why do I always spawn into the team thats losing though? 

The other night I saw something very interesting, Luxenbourg ate the USA!!!  I've also seen a 'mouse' eat a 'tiger'. 

The game is very addictive and I would recommend it (and have) to all my friends. 


  1. I haven't heard of this game. I don't play games any more but maybe Alicia will be interested. Sure you have told her about it but I'll ask her just in case.
    Good review Abbiegail.x

  2. She has played it with me quite a lot, and thanks! :)


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