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100 POSTS!!!!!!!!

Just a teeny weeny post to say that we recently reached 100 posts!!! This is my 102th post but STILL!! 100 POSTS!!!!

The Jungle Book: Review

!!!!!!Warning!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!

Yesterday, as well as getting my new rats, we also went to the cinema to watch The Jungle Book.

This is just the live action version of the original including all the main characters and slightly newer versions of the songs such as 'Bear's necessities' and 'I wanna be like you', but with a few extras ... Is there  more to say? Oh, ok then. LETS START!!!:

It's starts off with Mowgli being adopted by a panther called Bagheera who took him to a pack of wolves. Several years later the pack take him to a "peace rock" then a tiger called Shere Khan appears, threatening to kill Mowgli if he doesn't leave the jungle, so he does, sorta, not really. Ok he's doesn't leave the jungle AT ALL!

 He first meets the snake (which is apparently a girl?) which Baloo ( bear) saves him from and then he asks Mowgli to get honey. Then Mowgli finds out that the leader of the wolf pack (Who I think is called Akeata)  gets murdered…

Ssssssssh! Don't Tell Alicia!!

*Whispering* Well, Yesterday me, Alicia, Luke, Nikki and Jess went to the cinema (I'll be doing a post on that), after we had finished watching what we were watching, Me, Jess, nanny and grandad went to WheelGates! We had a look at the animals and went on a few of the rides like normal. We then went to ask "Do you have any RATS for sale?" 'cos' they didn't seem to have any in their little animal bit (It was FILLED up of baby guinea-pigs! SO CUTE :3)

 so we asked a couple just outside to see if they had any but they hadn't :( But, the man said that White Post Farm had some for sale, and so he rang up to check (He's very nice), They had!!! So we went down there (Its like ACROSS the road from WheelGates) and the lady at the till took us through to the little room where they had the rats, both male and only about 5 1/2 weeks old! We bought the pair of them and took them home!!! We also know that we can handle them because the woman took them both out and …


Last week a lot of schools were doing S.A.Ts, not us! There was a thing going called #NotDoingSatsWeek for home educators, so all last week we (Me, Alicia, Nikki, Luke, Emma [their mum] and my nan... have I missed someone? Oh, yeah, and also Jess) were doing something.

 On Monday we went to the Cinema to watch "Alvin and the chipmunks road Chip"... UGH, I hated it!

On Tuesday we went to Clifton park  museum... yeah, that's all... I was grumpy at the time so I didn't take much notice of what was going on.

On Wednesday we went to Wednesday group which was the usual boring (we did make a glitter globe though, mine failed :( ) Until the end where I threw a tantrum... a good week so far!!!!

Now, on Thursday we actually did something interesting!! We went to Roche abbey! That was ok, I climbed mostly though, until we were told to stop by Emma and my nanny :(. We basically just looked around for 2 hours, but it was fun when we played games, like rolling down a mini hill! :)…

Stop The Fur Trade!

WARNING!! Gruesome photos ahead, if you have a weak belly... TURN AWAY NOW!!!

Have you ever seen some one wearing a fur coat? Like this?:

Would you like to be skinned alive? NO? Then why do it and let others do it? About 40 years ago this almost stopped, almost. Over the past few years, Fur Trade has increased... an AWFUL LOT, But the problem is, no one seems to notice that. 

Millions and millions of these animals are slaughtered every year, JUST so you can keep cosy warm and be fashionable!! And one of the most aggravating things is what one person said about this: "have no sympathy towards the animals when they are about to be killed. On the contrary, I feel deep satisfaction. I'm happy we managed to grow good fur - and that I'll sell it and make money.", ... this is just one of the many people who "farm" animals. This particular woman needs help (just between you an' me, never in a million years am I gonna help this woman). 

This company has a total of…

1st Anniversary Of Home Ed! :) PARTYYYYYYYYY!!

This time last year is the exact date of when I came out of school! To celebrate I made a carrot cake, with just a LITTLE help (meaning nanny and grandad did most of it :P). 
So basically, I get 2 birthdays!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! HAHA! Take that you home Ed haters! I (and probably other home Eders) get 2 birthdays, do you or your kids?

Here's a photo of our cake!: