Ssssssssh! Don't Tell Alicia!!

*Whispering* Well, Yesterday me, Alicia, Luke, Nikki and Jess went to the cinema (I'll be doing a post on that), after we had finished watching what we were watching, Me, Jess, nanny and grandad went to WheelGates! We had a look at the animals and went on a few of the rides like normal. We then went to ask "Do you have any RATS for sale?" 'cos' they didn't seem to have any in their little animal bit (It was FILLED up of baby guinea-pigs! SO CUTE :3)


 so we asked a couple just outside to see if they had any but they hadn't :( But, the man said that White Post Farm had some for sale, and so he rang up to check (He's very nice), They had!!! So we went down there (Its like ACROSS the road from WheelGates) and the lady at the till took us through to the little room where they had the rats, both male and only about 5 1/2 weeks old! We bought the pair of them and took them home!!! We also know that we can handle them because the woman took them both out and we held them!


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