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St. John Ambulance Award's Night.

Yesterday, St. John Ambulance held an awards night. I honestly did better than a thought I would, with 2 Trophies, Bronze Prior award, 1 paper-plate trophy (hahaha) and A LOT OF Certificates (9) and best of all, the sweets! :3 Here's a photo of me and the trophies:

The trophy on the left (------>) is best Trainers cadets and the one on the right is for highest attendance (it was joint between me and another cadet, but we dont have permission to put her name :p ). The Paper- plate award was for asking a lot of questions, I THINK that's a complement. Unfortunately Alicia couldn't come, due to 1. Being back at school and 2. Her little pet hamster, Cookie, died... R.I.P Cookie. :'(

Ratty Update :)

Just a small update in how my little ratties are doing! :)


Now for the girls:

Unfortunately, I would like Champagne to go to the vets, she keeps getting red stuff under her eye's and nose (although I heard it can just come from the eye and appear around her nose) and is constantly sneezing, she does sleep an awful lot compared to the others, and even when I have her out she often curls up and goes to sleep, she isn't even old, only about 1 year and a month or 2 she has a nice diet with normal rat food and some ham or chicken (when I can get my hands on it), she loves that along with some cheerios. But we cant do too much at the moment as we are having the roof done.

Butterfly House

Yesterday, me, Jess and Nanny went to the butterfly house! Yay. There's not an awful lot to say really, I mean, it was alright. But I got bored after about 2 hours, so did nanny. Well, here's the good pictures we took! :)

 I have never seen a Black Swan sooo... this was cool :)

We saw a Tenrec which looks a lot like a hedgehog but is actually related to elephants and sea cows!

Also these lemurs! XD

So cute... there's nothing else to say!

Right then, i was a bit annoyed at this, there was a handling thing on (where we saw the Tenrec) which included a snake, a NON-venomous one, and all we could do is touch it... no handling whatsoever!!

And sorry I haven't posted the last 2 months