Butterfly House

Yesterday, me, Jess and Nanny went to the butterfly house! Yay. There's not an awful lot to say really, I mean, it was alright. But I got bored after about 2 hours, so did nanny. Well, here's the good pictures we took! :)

 I have never seen a Black Swan sooo... this was cool :)

We saw a Tenrec which looks a lot like a hedgehog but is actually related to elephants and sea cows!

Yup, this little guy is part elephant...

Also these lemurs! XD

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move i-.... this is awkward.

So cute... there's nothing else to say!

Right then, i was a bit annoyed at this, there was a handling thing on (where we saw the Tenrec) which included a snake, a NON-venomous one, and all we could do is touch it... no handling whatsoever!!

This is my "Really?" face -_-

And sorry I haven't posted the last 2 months


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