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Bug Handling

I like bugs (Hate spiders), I prefer animals though. Today Me, my wuss of a sister and my Nan went to Animal Ark for a bug handling session. I handled everything there except the cockroach, she got put away before I got a chance.

There were; Cockroaches, Millipedes, Stick insects, Crickets, Giant snails (which pooped on me 😒), and a Tarantula. I like Tarantulas but I hate spiders... OK.

Awards Night

Yesterday was my second awards night with SJA, I got 2 awards same as last year, the highest attendance and somehow the most enthusiastic.

I baked a cake which actually turned out really well, I think is was the best one there!

There were quit a few things going on including a Raffle and a bake sale. I won 2 tickets to the tropical butterfly house so I think we'l be going with Emma and her kids :D

Ear Piercing!

Today I got my ears pierced! :D I've had them done once before but a few years ago they sealed over. I really like having my ears done. I've got green, golden studs in and it was much more strait-forward than I thought.

I've been thinking about it for a few weeks when I was talking to a cadet and she said she was getting her ears done, I then decided I wanted them as well! I asked her where she got them done and she said a local Tattoo place called Marks the Spot. I went to their fb page and they do piercings for £15. As it turns out I only had to pay £10. So that was a nice surprise!

I will be doing another post next week about my cadets awards night and a cake that I will be baking for them!

Bee Nice To Bees.

As some people may know, bees have become scarcer than before. This is mainly due to 2 things:

Habitat destructionPollution We need bees to survive, and more than most people think. Without bees there would be no food and clean air. The food chain greatly relies on bees for many things, they pollinate flowers, vegetables, trees, fruit and anything else like that, which, in turn, feeds livestock. All this provides us with meat, fruit, and veg.
We can help bees by; Reducing our pollution output and putting more flowers in our gardens.  There are many more ways to help bee's but I'm tired and want to go to sleep even thought it's 15:54 when I publish this. 
I will try to start doing more posts regularly, as I have been slacking the last few months.

Blackbirds/ Pupp.

A few weeks ago we noticed a couple of black birds nesting in our ivy bush, they've now hatched an we here cheeping every time we go outside. So far they are doing very well but unfortunately me and (mostly) my grandad have converted our patchy grassy garden into a nice low-maintenance garden, there is much in the way of food for them. We can now see the chicks heads when the mum/dad comes with food. 
We have recently bought a puppy and we called him Loki, he's growing very fast and is getting along with the other two really well. Although a few times he's had his head stuck in Fredas' mouth much to our amusement :D We had to take him to the vet a week or so ago because he was limping. But he's doing fine now.