Bee Nice To Bees.

As some people may know, bees have become scarcer than before. This is mainly due to 2 things:

  • Habitat destruction
  • Pollution
We need bees to survive, and more than most people think. Without bees there would be no food and clean air. The food chain greatly relies on bees for many things, they pollinate flowers, vegetables, trees, fruit and anything else like that, which, in turn, feeds livestock. All this provides us with meat, fruit, and veg.

We can help bees by; Reducing our pollution output and putting more flowers in our gardens.  There are many more ways to help bee's but I'm tired and want to go to sleep even thought it's 15:54 when I publish this. 

I will try to start doing more posts regularly, as I have been slacking the last few months.


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