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New Years Round-up

So, like last year, I'm doing a little round-up of the year:

So the big main thing this year is the day my little sister became Home ed as well! The first day she came out was actually when we went to see a film called the good dinosaur with home education group, over all in the year we have seen about 15 films with the Home ed group or the Into-film festival the very best one being Fantastic Beasts: and where to find them, which my nanny actually managed to win premiere tickets to! I also visited a theatre for the first time, we went to York Opera House to see Horrible Histories live.

Conisborough castle was another big thing, along with a trip to Flamingo Land (ITS SO GOOOD!!!) and another theme park called WheelGates (I'm getting a little too old for that place now). I've also been to a few horse riding lessons that I will hopefully be picking up again next near. The SJA remembrance day parade was cool to!

Some of the more educational things we've done include cooki…


Ok, the reason I haven't done any posts is that Arrow, the sick one, died. Christmas eve I came up to give them some treats but I noticed that he wasn't moving except to breath (with was quick and sharp), I put my hand in to see if he was asleep, I touched his leg, he didn't move... I called nanny and we quickly found he was dying... 5 minutes later he died. This really shocked me as he was getting better and most rats who develop this disease can live with it, but no. Arrow died... I miss him, and so does his brother Robin too. I need to spend a lot more time with Robin now, he is a lot like Arrow but obviously not the same.

At least Arrow died with some one comforting him...


In 2017 we (me, my nan and grandad) are going to #Walk1000Miles

There will be lots of updates and photos throughout the year, starting Sunday the 1st.

Krampus, The Opposite Of Santa!

The Krampus is a German creature who is basically the opposite of Santa, actually he's classed as a demonic Santa! Santa rewards good children with presents while Krampus punishes the naughty ones. On the 5th of December, at night (known a Krampus night/Krampusnacht) the hairy Half-goat Half-DEMON will appear on the streets taking the naughty children and EATING THEM (that went from 1-100 very fast). It came around in Germany in the 1600's but it's believed to be older than "Jesus" (and also my grandad, but I know that's not true 😏)!

Good News! 5 DAYS TO GO!

In my last post I said that one of pets, Arrow, was dying... well he's still not doing that good but he's much better, he's now eating a lot more and even drinking of his own accord! Nanny did a bit of research and found out that they can live the disease but they will just be different, it doesn't hurt then either. So yeah that's good news! I really didn't think he was gonna come back from it but he's really trying.

Oh, yeah, and 5 more days to go :O!!!

13 And One Of Rats Is Dying

So yesterday I didn't make a post because I found out that one of my rats, Arrow, is dying. He has a respiratory disease and isn't eating or drinking... and all this 2 week before Christmas. I was still up at 02:05 watching Grimm with my nanny. I think he's doing slightly better today but still isn't eating or drinking. I don't cry over nothing but I cried so much last night that my tear ducts LITERALLY RAN OUT OF TEARS!! That's actually not a joke my eye's hurt and I couldn't cry anymore. So yeah, great way to start Christmas 😢... There is no cure for it either, every rat is born with it but are rarely affected by it, and NEVER before the age of 3 months. But it just so happens I got one that was.

15, 15, 15, 15, 15

15 sleeps until presents!!!!............ Did I ever mention that I DID try fish sushi? No? Well I dont really like it. This count down isn't as good as last years... :(

16, And A New Blog!

Today, me and my nanny have set up a new blog, this blog will be about cooking and baking so instead of me posting everything on this one I can do a bit on that one! It's called Create, Make & Bake.😀 16 days until Christmas gets out of bed!!

17 Days And Lots Of Terraria!

Today (about 5 minutes ago) we went round to Emma's house (Nikki and Alicia's Mum) and I played on Terraria, I helped Nikki beat the Wall Of Flesh so that she can get into hard mode.

It was quite easy with 2 of us, with full armour and epic guns we took it down in about 2 minutes. Simple. And yet, this is one of the most important boss battles and its way easier than the mechanical bosses, I tried to defeat the twins loads of time but it always ends with me dying. :( Anyway, 17 days to go, hurry up Christmas!!!


I'm getting bored of this and obliviously you are too...... I'll try and post something interesteting soon............ YAWN! 😫 (I like the emoji's they have made though!!!)


19 AND STILL COUNTING DOWN! At least grandad made some fudge today, Its so yummy 😳

20 Days till Christmas And I'm Already Bored........ -_-

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored.... I finished my Animal Post so at least that's something...😑. Oh and tomorrow Grandad's making fudge, Which I AM looking forward to 😝!!!

The Good News: Part 2/2.

Right, so, I've established what's happening to some of the animals, but here's some that are making a come back (This is in the UK only):

The Common Dormouse was a victim of habitat destruction and climate change. Over 100 years since the last wild Dormouse was seen, their population has begun to grow in some of the RSPB woodlands due to them making nesting boxes and taking care of their population.

The White-tailed Eagle's main threats include; Illegal egg collection, Poisoning and loss of habitat. It was the largest Bird-Of-Prey in the UK with no natural predators, in the early 1900's it disappeared from the wild. But, despite the same threats still around, numbers are growing thanks to Scotland's reintroduction programme!

The Common Crane, hunted to extinction over 200 years ago. 2010-2015, 93 common cranes were released into the Somerset Levels and Moors. Doubling the population, due to the Great Crane Project in the UK.

The Water Vole population were badly…

21 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 DAYS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... hurry up Christmas! Just been looking up how to make mince-pies, I'll be posting a recipe after I've made them at Christmas, Or maybe a little before, If you want the recipe just comment and I'll sort it out :) (Nanny and Granad really like my pastry, I made jam tarts with it and nanny's not a tart person but she liked them :D)

Endangered Animals Around The World: Part.1

This post is a more serious one, I don't like doing serious one's but most of the time the things I write about need to be noticed, as not many people are doing much about the topics! Today I'm doing animal safety:

In 1950 there were about 36 Million hedgehogs in Britain, 1995 there were around 1.55 Million, In less that fifty years the population of hedgehogs has decreased by about 34.5 Million. And now, in 2016, its fell even further, down to <1 Million... Its estimated that in the next 20-30 years there will be no more hedgehogs left. For them, the most common ways to die are either by car, pesticides and habitat destruction. We have actually saved a few hedgehogs when they are sick or underweight, and released them back.

The situation is no better around the word, though take a look at some of the endangered species from all over the globe!

One well known endangered animal is the African Elephant, who were being hunted for their tusks as they contain large amount o…

December 3rd, 22 Days To Go!

Cleaning, hoovering, cleaning some more, more hoovering...... yaaaaaay!!!! That's what I've been doing today..... whoop whoop........!!!........ Anyway, serious post coming soon, about animal safety and stuff like that. It is a very serious topic, and one that I don't like to talk about, being an animal lover myself... 😢

2nd Day In December, I Don't Have A Better Title...

2nd day, nothing new, BUT we DID go and see FBAWTFT again :)! 23 day 'till Christmas day! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP o_o, -_-, o_o.  It's not as good in normal mode, it's WAY better in 3D but it's still as great as last time we went, obviously. :D

1st Of December, Another Christmas Count-down!

So today started off bad with raised voices and sulky faces... but hopefully that's not gonna carry on... Jessica, mmmgh!!!! But I do have something to talk about at least, a few weeks ago nanny and grandad got us 2 wooden house Christmas advent calendars, to save buying them each year! And now we're melting chocolate into moulds, its worked pretty well, except most of the little chocolates dont fit in the boxes, but nanny suggested we put a note in and we have to find the chocolates ourselves. :)