The Good News: Part 2/2.

Right, so, I've established what's happening to some of the animals, but here's some that are making a come back (This is in the UK only):

So cute 😍

The Common Dormouse was a victim of habitat destruction and climate change. Over 100 years since the last wild Dormouse was seen, their population has begun to grow in some of the RSPB woodlands due to them making nesting boxes and taking care of their population.

The White-tailed Eagle's main threats include; Illegal egg collection, Poisoning and loss of habitat. It was the largest Bird-Of-Prey in the UK with no natural predators, in the early 1900's it disappeared from the wild. But, despite the same threats still around, numbers are growing thanks to Scotland's reintroduction programme!

The Common Crane, hunted to extinction over 200 years ago. 2010-2015, 93 common cranes were released into the Somerset Levels and Moors. Doubling the population, due to the Great Crane Project in the UK.

The Water Vole population were badly suffering from polluted rivers (their home) and predators like the American Mink. Being provided with new homes in the marshland RSPB reserves... not to much information on what they are doing here but what I do know is that their population is growing.


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