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Its my 8th week!!!!!

Today it is 8 full weeks since I was last in school. The reason for this is that I am now being home educated. So far it has been quite different and nowhere near as boring. I have learnt an awful lot more in a home ed day than in about 3 days in school and all of these things have been 10 times more exciting and interesting than school! I would highly recommend home education to anybody! Over these last few weeks I have learnt a ton of new things.

 Here are some of the things I have done; I have visited The University of Sheffield were we found out about bones that included handling REAL human bones!

I've met up with plenty of lovely kids at the HE meetings I go to that were much better behaved than those in school! I played pool, table tennis and also mincraft on the Xbox one with them!

 I've also been to connisborough castle were I made my way up to the top of the keep! I still need to write my post on this!:)

we went to a jewellery and photography  day were me and Alicia …

Sheffield University !!!

Today we went to a university in Sheffield. to get there me, alicia and my nan got a train from Worksop to Sheffield, as the trams weren't working we had to walk the whole entire way to the university. We had to ask for directions about 3 times. when we got there we were waiting about for around 15 minutes for the rest of the group to come. I saw a HUGE python skeleton which I found both sad and fascinating:).

After that we went into a science room where we were spit into 2 individual groups.  My group went to the museum first were we saw LOTS of interesting things like: 

 Brains!!! ^

A hedgehog split  half skeleton and half skin!!!^

a variety of  reptiles !!!^

a crocodile and turtle skull!!!^
And its amazing that EVERTHING in the museum  is real!!!!!!(except a gorilla hand , that was just a model!)
After the museum we had lunch but then we had to wait about half an hour for the rest of the people to get back. Then, after every body had got back, our group went to the other side…

Today's News

I think news papers would be a lot more interesting if they had stuff like this in them;)

Basket Weaving !!!

Just before the Easter holidays i made a basket out of plastic cane it was quite simple and fun!! This was my first practice...  
and this was my finished practice. I liked it so much my nanny got me a kit to make my own basket  at home :D
This is my finished basket from the kit it took me a few days but it was sooooooooooooooooooo much  FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the base was the hardest part, it made my fingers numb -.- 


This afternoon I tried to draw toothless my favourite character in how to train your dragon, not my best drawing but not my worst. My grandad said I could do better, but I don't think I could.  
Today I did mostly maths but a bit of speed spelling and art (which is my drawing). This morning my little sister noticed a pigeon in the chicken coop so my nanny had to go and get rid of it but the cockerel keped going after it;) She also spotted a what looks like a big brown rat in the garden, I like rats, I might be getting one when my room in the attic is done ;)

Octopus with a Coconut

WATCH: This rare footage is incredible!Follow Animal EqualitySource: YouTube/Poussin Diver
Posted by Animal Equality on Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Good & Very Bad Week

On Thursday the 11th of June, I went a home education group to the Harley gallery where we looked at the exhibit   ' necklace for an elephant and other stories ' by David poston  a jewellery  designer. I did a short workshop of photography where we experienced taking photos of other people wearing a variety of jewellery .

I had meant to do the above post on Friday, but due to the following incident it been delayed here is what happened: On Friday our youngest dog Freya was badly injured. I don't want to go into to much detail 'cos' of how awful it was, as we was about to set of to help my grandad find her 'cos' had gone missing we found Freya wating there ! She had made her  own way back but only to find most of her left side HAIR AND SKIN completely off reveling a HUGE wound:(  But on the good side she healing quite well and she is back home with us and on all sorts of medication ;) WHISH HER LUCK!!! ;)

I have added a photo of her if you don't want to s…

Bird Hatching

Here is a video of a bird hatching in a mans hand
Bird Hatching

Holding Animals

On sunday i held a barn owl, a HUGE python, leopard lizard, a cockroach, a ferret and a different small snake that i have forgot the name of;) She is called burns the python. The barn owls name I can't remember but she/he was soooo cute and so was the snake :) This is the barn owl I was talking about!!;) #lovehomeed

Baking Baaanaanaaa Loaf

Yesterday we made a banana loaf I baked it with my grandad Ill tell you how I did it: 1.First we put 225g of plain flour in a bowl that we put on a set of scales. 2.Then we added 175g of suger to the previous flour. 3.After I gave it a good mix together and added a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to help it rise. 4.Then, we put a teaspoon of salt into the mixture of ingredients. 5.After, I added 50g of walnut & almond kernels (chopped) 6.Soon after, stir well and add 3 mushed bananas (this is a great way to make use of nearly gon off bananas). 7.Then beat well 2 eggs then add it to the ingredients stir well until relatively smooth. 8.After, buter a loaf tin to help it not stick pour in the mixture stick it in the oven at gas mark 3 and leave it to bake for one hour. 9.finaly, NOM NOM NOM !!! I hope you try and enjoy this recipe

Owl Pellet

Today we decided to take apart an owl pellet that my grandad found. Owl pellets are regurgitated and contain all the animals’ parts that they can’t digest. They normally contain bone, teeth, hair and feathers of various animals eaten by the owls. First I soaked it in water, Then I put a few drops of disinfectant in. Then I carefully pulled it apart.We found loads of feathers and a few bones. It was quite disappointing because I thought we would at least get a skull. :-( It was more interesting then I thought it would be. Here are a few of the bones that we found.We are hoping to find another pellet soon which might have more it in. :)