Sheffield University !!!

Today we went to a university in Sheffield. to get there me, alicia and my nan got a train from Worksop to Sheffield, as the trams weren't working we had to walk the whole entire way to the university. We had to ask for directions about 3 times.
when we got there we were waiting about for around 15 minutes for the rest of the group to come. I saw a HUGE python skeleton which I found both sad and fascinating:).

After that we went into a science room where we were spit into 2 individual groups.  My group went to the museum first were we saw LOTS of interesting things like: 

 Brains!!! ^

A hedgehog split  half skeleton and half skin!!!^

a variety of  reptiles !!!^

a crocodile and turtle skull!!!^

And its amazing that EVERTHING in the museum  is real!!!!!!(except a gorilla hand , that was just a model!)

After the museum we had lunch but then we had to wait about half an hour for the rest of the people to get back. Then, after every body had got back, our group went to the other side of the room and the other group went to the museum. We did about the human skeleton, we got to hold different ( REAL!!!) bones. After that, we looked at 3 chicken bones, witch each had some thing different to each other bone number 1 had no protein, bone number2 had no calcium, bone number 3 was normal. we did an experiment on how many stones each one held: bone number 1 held 13 stones, bone number 2 held 2 stones before the bag of stones slipped off;) bone number 3 held the maximum of 20 stones and still did not snap!!!


  1. I was fascinated myself seeing the photos and reading both your and Alicia's blogs.A day well spent x

  2. thanks, and yes the day was VERY well spent ! :)


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