A Good & Very Bad Week

On Thursday the 11th of June, I went a home education group to the Harley gallery where we looked at the exhibit   ' necklace for an elephant and other stories ' by David poston  a jewellery  designer. I did a short workshop of photography where we experienced taking photos of other people wearing a variety of jewellery .

I had meant to do the above post on Friday, but due to the following incident it been delayed here is what happened: On Friday our youngest dog Freya was badly injured. I don't want to go into to much detail 'cos' of how awful it was, as we was about to set of to help my grandad find her 'cos' had gone missing we found Freya wating there ! She had made her  own way back but only to find most of her left side HAIR AND SKIN completely off reveling a HUGE wound:(  But on the good side she healing quite well and she is back home with us and on all sorts of medication ;) WHISH HER LUCK!!! ;)

I have added a photo of her if you don't want to see it don't scroll down

Today I leaned the periodic tables and all about the elements such as: iron, gold, oxygen and aluminium. I also finished a series called 'Tudor monastery farm' it was really good an also quite interesting :)  



  1. Poor Freya but glad to see her mending.
    Lovely to see you having so many great and unique experiences and our Alicia x

  2. thanks she is getting better every day.


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