Its my 8th week!!!!!

Today it is 8 full weeks since I was last in school. The reason for this is that I am now being home educated. So far it has been quite different and nowhere near as boring. I have learnt an awful lot more in a home ed day than in about 3 days in school and all of these things have been 10 times more exciting and interesting than school! I would highly recommend home education to anybody! Over these last few weeks I have learnt a ton of new things.

 Here are some of the things I have done; I have visited The University of Sheffield were we found out about bones that included handling REAL human bones!

I've met up with plenty of lovely kids at the HE meetings I go to that were much better behaved than those in school! I played pool, table tennis and also mincraft on the Xbox one with them!

 I've also been to connisborough castle were I made my way up to the top of the keep! I still need to write my post on this!:)

we went to a jewellery and photography  day were me and Alicia went to the Harley gallery to look and try on jewellery.

On top of all this, I have also:
 Gone to a home ed meeting in the country park, art, looked at owl pellets and dissected them, baked, done some GCSE science and maths. And I did a maths SATs paper which I scored 91 out of a possible 100 on! And much more!

One of the next things I am doing is going to be building a website. I have (obviously) started a blog!


  1. I am so happy you have found out that learning can be engaging and fun, Abbiegail. Good luck with your website, I think you will do an amazing job of it.x (Emma)

    1. Thanks, but I think it will take a while as we are only starting next week! :(


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