This afternoon I tried to draw toothless my favourite character in how to train your dragon, not my best drawing but not my worst. My grandad said I could do better, but I don't think I could.  

Today I did mostly maths but a bit of speed spelling and art (which is my drawing).
This morning my little sister noticed a pigeon in the chicken coop so my nanny had to go and get rid of it but the cockerel keped going after it;) She also spotted a what looks like a big brown rat in the garden, I like rats, I might be getting one when my room in the attic is done ;)


  1. I recognized it was Toothless immediately and I have not even watched any of the "How to Train Your Dragon"s.
    I loved learning that Cockerels do not tolerate Pigeons, I did not know that.
    ( Emma).

  2. thanks, and he doesn't tolerate people with butterfly leggings, as my sister Jess found out the hard way. There is also feathers all over the chicken coop ;)


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