Baking Baaanaanaaa Loaf

Yesterday we made a banana loaf I baked it with my grandad Ill tell you how I did it:

1.First we put 225g of plain flour in a bowl that we put on a set of scales.

2.Then we added 175g of suger to the previous flour.

3.After I gave it a good mix together and added a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to help it rise.

4.Then, we put a teaspoon of salt into the mixture of ingredients.

5.After, I added 50g of walnut & almond kernels (chopped)

6.Soon after, stir well and add 3 mushed bananas (this is a great way to make use of nearly gon off bananas).

7.Then beat well 2 eggs then add it to the ingredients stir well until relatively smooth.

8.After, buter a loaf tin to help it not stick pour in the mixture stick it in the oven at gas mark 3 and leave it to bake for one hour.

9.finaly, NOM NOM NOM !!!

I hope you try and enjoy this recipe


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