Ratty Update :)

Just a small update in how my little ratties are doing! :)

Sorry for the quality, it was just so cute I had to put it on! :3 (Arrow^^)
(Robin^^)  *dies of cuteness overload*

Now for the girls:



Barley being very anti-social and not coming out  -_-

Unfortunately, I would like Champagne to go to the vets, she keeps getting red stuff under her eye's and nose (although I heard it can just come from the eye and appear around her nose) and is constantly sneezing, she does sleep an awful lot compared to the others, and even when I have her out she often curls up and goes to sleep, she isn't even old, only about 1 year and a month or 2 she has a nice diet with normal rat food and some ham or chicken (when I can get my hands on it), she loves that along with some cheerios. But we cant do too much at the moment as we are having the roof done.


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