Stop The Fur Trade!

WARNING!! Gruesome photos ahead, if you have a weak belly... TURN AWAY NOW!!!

Have you ever seen some one wearing a fur coat? Like this?:

Would you like to be skinned alive? NO? Then why do it and let others do it? About 40 years ago this almost stopped, almost. Over the past few years, Fur Trade has increased... an AWFUL LOT, But the problem is, no one seems to notice that. 

Millions and millions of these animals are slaughtered every year, JUST so you can keep cosy warm and be fashionable!! And one of the most aggravating things is what one person said about this: "have no sympathy towards the animals when they are about to be killed. On the contrary, I feel deep satisfaction. I'm happy we managed to grow good fur - and that I'll sell it and make money.", ... this is just one of the many people who "farm" animals. This particular woman needs help (just between you an' me, never in a million years am I gonna help this woman).  

This company has a total of 27,000 stables including 15,800 cubs, waiting to be killed.

Want to know how these animals are killed? If no
then tough, I'm going to show you anyway. The woman, who I quoted above, and her company, together they managed to do THIS to a breed called 'mink' (who are ADORABLE WITH their fur ON). WARNING!! CONTINUE IF YOU DARE (or just skip the photo):

As well as mink, they also kill: Arctic foxes, Silver foxes, Sable and much more all in the name of fashion.

You still here? Ok then.

These are ALL skinned, rotting corpses of once cute animals.

Disgusting.. what? Did you think I meant the dead, rotting bodies? OH NO, I MEANT THE IDIOTS WHO DID THIS THE THEM!

Here's what they look like alive, just to brighten up this post!:

This animal will soon (if not already) be skinned! And likely alive.

These people often skin the animals ALIVE 'cos it saves paying for a drug to kill them (even then it's a slow painful death). The drug they use paralyses the muscles, leading to a slow suffocation all while fully concious! This drug is called Dithylin and is illegal.

Spread the word! STOP THE FUR TRADE!!!! There is no 'Fair' fur trade.

Some images taken from the Mail Online newspaper


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