Last week a lot of schools were doing S.A.Ts, not us! There was a thing going called #NotDoingSatsWeek for home educators, so all last week we (Me, Alicia, Nikki, Luke, Emma [their mum] and my nan... have I missed someone? Oh, yeah, and also Jess) were doing something.

 On Monday we went to the Cinema to watch "Alvin and the chipmunks road Chip"... UGH, I hated it!

On Tuesday we went to Clifton park  museum... yeah, that's all... I was grumpy at the time so I didn't take much notice of what was going on.

Look out!!!! A Jess and a Nikki with a gun are more deadly that the navy!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday we went to Wednesday group which was the usual boring (we did make a glitter globe though, mine failed :( ) Until the end where I threw a tantrum... a good week so far!!!!

Now, on Thursday we actually did something interesting!! We went to Roche abbey! That was ok, I climbed mostly though, until we were told to stop by Emma and my nanny :(. We basically just looked around for 2 hours, but it was fun when we played games, like rolling down a mini hill! :) I quite liked it.

And lastly Friday, We did the BEST THING EVER!!!!............................NOTHING!!!!! Yaaaay :D


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