The Jungle Book: Review

!!!!!!Warning!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!

Yesterday, as well as getting my new rats, we also went to the cinema to watch The Jungle Book.

This is just the live action version of the original including all the main characters and slightly newer versions of the songs such as 'Bear's necessities' and 'I wanna be like you', but with a few extras ... Is there  more to say? Oh, ok then. LETS START!!!:

It's starts off with Mowgli being adopted by a panther called Bagheera who took him to a pack of wolves. Several years later the pack take him to a "peace rock" then a tiger called Shere Khan appears, threatening to kill Mowgli if he doesn't leave the jungle, so he does, sorta, not really. Ok he's doesn't leave the jungle AT ALL!

 He first meets the snake (which is apparently a girl?) which Baloo ( bear) saves him from and then he asks Mowgli to get honey. Then Mowgli finds out that the leader of the wolf pack (Who I think is called Akeata)  gets murdered (Yes, this is a PG) by Shere Khan... :'( (There are also quite a few JUMP-SCARES in this film).

 It then... YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!?!? THIS IS A REVIEW!! NOT STORY TIME!!!! Go watch it for yourselves!!

9/10! I dropped one mark cos of the kid who played Mowgli, he's so annoying. But apart from that, I liked most of the characters! Bagheera is my favourite though  :)


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