Geocaching At Longshaw Country Park!

Yesterday, 19th October, Me, my nan, Joseph, and his mum all went Geocaching. It took a while getting there (1h and a bit), but when we DID get there it was quite pretty with all the hills!

Well..... I like it! :)
We set off immediately on our walk/ first Geocache.

My nanny took out her GPS to guide us there, we got to a point where we climbed up a load of big rocks to get to the top where the GPS was leading us.

Like I said, BIG!
 We found a few trees which it could be hiding around, we knew this as the clue said 'The Last Tree'. It ended up being the one my nan thought it was originally, but where around the tree was it? Me and Josephs mum thought it was at the bottom of the tree where the roots were in the air. We turned out to be right! I'm not going to spoil anything so all I'm going to say is we found it eventually! ;)

So after that cache was found we decided  to go over to the stream were a load of big rocks just laying in the stream!

 Me and Joseph had some fun climbing around on the rocks for a bit then we set of back to the car, and went home! There are four more caches in this series, we will be going back to find them at sometime.


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