Eden Camp

Yesterday me and my grandad went to Eden camp!!! It took us a while (1h 35mins) to get there but when we did get there one of the first things we saw was this huge spitfire!!!!! Once we paid to get in (which only cost £3 each as we are home ed) we were told that there were 29 huts and we were to start at number 1.

 For the next couple of hours it was just going in and out of the huts, I found out that there was a plane made entirely out of wood and most of the German aircraft could not catch it except one. Apparently, Eden camp was a POW (prisoners of war) camp in the war time, and some of the things the prisoners made were brilliant (!), they made loads of shoes, toys, slippers, cigarette cases, wallets, loads of stuff.

This also includes ship in a light bulb, wooden puppets, strange butterfly things and a wooden bird.

We got to one hut which was a gift shop where we bought
 some cinder toffee!!! YUM! So for the rest of the visit I was eating cinder toffee. while my grandad told me all about the stuff on display :) There was another hut  were you could shoot a real gun (no bullets, and wired up to a computer!) at a computer screen, you pay £1 to have a go and I scored 63/100 where as the last person to play only got 1/100. :)
There were a lot of reading to do but I just let my grandad explain it to me instead! he knows a lot about WW2 so it was much easier! And I agree with my nanny, I don't like George Formby..... AT ALL!

In the huts, some showed manikins moving about to re-enact what it was like in the blitz! It was pretty creepy as the lights were out and it was smoky.

Nearing to the end, grandad found a cup than he was considering buying for my nanny... I didn't think it was a good idea as it said 'I've only got one nerve left so don't get on it!' ,......... I'm glad grandad didn't get it!


  1. I was going to say the smoky hut where they have re-enacted a bomb fall out was probably one of my favourite huts.
    I also love their vegetable garden. I haven't been for a long time though. ( Emma).

  2. I have been its so cool (Alicia).


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