Chick Update!!!

Today I'm just giving a little update on how our (not so) little chicks are doing, as only one chick hatched we bought two more, they're Orpingtons. ;)

So, just under 9 weeks later they were built (by my brilliant grandad) a new little coop and a run in the back garden, as soon as it was done they were able to move in, but we waited a few hours 'cos' of something my (brainy) nanny looked up earlier in the day! They are now settled in and they've already spent the night in there after my grandad got them into the coop itself. Today it's my turn to "tuck" them in if they don't do it themselves! ;)

Here are a few of the photos my nanny took. (see? She's so brainy she knows how to work a camera!)

Snucky (the white one and the one that WE hatched) IS actually bigger, it's just the angle! :)
This is a REAL weird one!......

Snucky: ....... WHAT ARE YOU?!?!?!?!

(The white one's the one that's in the photo
<-----) ;)

<---- From This, To This ---->

Yep, BIG improvement!


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