On my previous posts I have talked about Freya my dog, about her accident and how she's getting on...... SHE'S FIXED!!!!! After her 3rd operation Freya was locked up in a kennel for two weeks, not able to move for 23 hours of the day (the 1 hour for doing her business) so that she could not move so that would give the wound a chance to heal.

This was her between operation 2 and 3!!!

 During those 2 weeks in the vets we went up and down visiting her and giving her loads of treats. After being home from the vets for 3 weeks she was FINALLY discharged! She is now allowed to run, jump, play, lick and scratch (not to much!) and she goes on walks regularly with me and my grandad!

This is her freshly stitched up after operation 3, doesn't look great does it!

The only REAL sign to show anything had happened is a HUGE scar running from one side to the other! Once her hair grows back we will hardly notice it and the same with other people, hopefully nothing else happens!

Awwwwwwwwwww, she's sooo cute!*-* :3 
She keeps jumping over the fence and digging holes......... YEP(!) she's back to herself! This took nearly 3 months and 3 operations!.... There's only one thing left to take care of.... THE BILL!!! o.O!     

She's ALMOST normal except a scar witch you should see on her side! 


  1. How absolutely wonderful! I am so thrilled for you all AND Freya of course!! XXX

  2. Thanks, i'm so happy that she's alright as well!!!!!!! :) :D


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